Work out with Bear Grylls and Spencer Matthews as they coach you through military-style fitness class

WITH his outdoor survival skills and epic hikes through the wilderness, Bear Grylls' fitness level is pretty high.

But even he says he's not "naturally fit" and he has to make an effort to keep up his training.

He loves to be put through his paces in a military style workout – and you can join him with our Sun Exclusive training video.

The rugged TV star- who launched a 40 day mission to get the nation fit last month – is joined by Spencer Matthews for the 30-minute session, which is run by Be Military Fit (BMF) trainer Tommy Matthews.

All you need is two weights that are the same – make sure they are not too heavy for your own capabilities – and you're off.

Tommy begins with a bodyweight warm-up, including lunges and sit-ups, before moving on to strength exercises with the weights.

He ends with a "big finish" to get the heart pumping and make you feel on top of the world.

To top off the session Bear adds a few extra press ups – one for each letter of the trio's kids' name, starting with Harry and Charlie, Tommy's children and then Gigi and Theodore – Spencer's two children with wife Vogue.

Then he drops a bombshell when he reveals his own kids are called Marmaduke and Huckberry.

Bear naughty.

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