Who was attorney Robert Fenstersheib and how did he die? Cause of death revealed

PERSONAL injury attorney Robert Fenstersheib has died, and his son is accused of fatally shoot him before turning the gun on himself. 

The attorney’s longtime girlfriend was also shot and is currently hospitalized in serious condition.

Here is more on the grizzly murder-suicide in Florida. 

Who is Robert Fenstersheib?

Robert Fenstersheib was a popular personal injury lawyer whose “Tell Robert" commercials appeared on TV daily. 

The 66-year-old had worked an attorney in Florida since 1980 and had handled more than 30,000 cases throughout his career. 

He coined the phrase “Tell Robert” in his commercials and became a household name on South Florida’s airwaves.

What happened to him?

Fenstersheib was shot dead by his eldest son, Michael Anthony Bradley Fenstersheib, on Wednesday at his home in Hollywood, which is located on the 3200 block of SW 49th Street at around 9:40am.

Family spokesman Scott Mager said that responding officers discovered the bodies of Robert and Michael, who turned the gun on himself after fatally shooting his father. 

Fenstersheib’s girlfriend, Hong Pen, was also shot but survived and is in critical condition at the hospital. 

Michael had battled drug addiction and mental health issues, according to Mager, who described the young man "losing a battle” with the disease.

“Michael lost that battle today,” Mager told WFOR. 

“He shot both Robert and his longtime girlfriend Hong Pen and then killed himself using the weapon.

“Drug abuse and mental health issues are so underestimated in today’s life, and so I hope people will reach out and try to help those around them that they can,” he said.

What did people say?

Alexandra Arguello, who worked for Fenstersheib as a paralegal, said the attorney showed that he cared for his clients.

“One thing that he really made sure he did was he let his clients know he was there for them,” she told WPLG. 

“I feel for his kids. I feel for his employees, his friends. 

“It’s just something that you don’t ever think is going to happen to someone you know.”

Mager described Fenstersheib as “an unbelievable human being, an amazing person, an unbelievable father, [and] a great leader.”

He added: “We lost somebody who was the epitome of greatness. 

“He was the epitome of a human being, and he was my dear friend.”

What did the police say?

Christian Lata, a public information officer for Hollywood police says the case is still under investigation while they work to gather further details.

“We are investigating it. We are trying to obtain witnesses. Trying to obtain any evidence that we can find to get to know what happened in this situation. 

“I believe that once we speak to the third victim and get some information, we might be able to come to a conclusion,” said Lata.

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