Who is Kamiya Mobley? Florida teen abuducted as a baby – here's what we know

NEARLY 20 years ago a baby was taken from a Florida hospital – her parents desperately searched for her but she was never found, until now.

The woman who is alleged to have snatched Kamiya Mobley is now in custody facing jail for kidnap, after police tracked down the missing girl.

Now a teenager, Kamiya has defended the woman who raised her and has since met her biological parents.

Who is Kamiya Mobley?

She was raised as Alexis Manigo but her real name is Kamiya Mobley, and she was kidnapped from hospital hours after being born 18 years ago.

Shanara Mobley's baby was taken from a hospital ward in 1998 when she was eight hours old.

A police investigation was immediately sparked, but all leads ran dry until now.

A year after the baby vanished police had more than 2,000 leads and offered a $250,000 reward.

The case was even featured on America's Most Wanted, but until now all leads ran dry.

The break came from a tip to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Cops found an 18-year-old with Kamiyah's birth date but a different name – established using fraudulent documents.

A DNA test confirmed that the teenager was Kamiyah.

What happened?

It is thought that the woman now arrested for kidnap had a miscarriage a week before she is alleged to have taken the baby.

She is accused of posing as a nurse and stealing the baby girl, wrapped in a pink and blue blanket.

Gloria Williams, 51, then raised Kamiyah, who they called Alexis Kelly Manigo, with her then husband Charles.

Even after the couple separated they shared joint custody.

Police acted off a tip and found Kamiyah over the border in South Carolina.

Williams of Walterboro, South Carolina, was arrested on charges of kidnapping and interference with custody.

What has Kamiya said about it?

The teenager has spoken out in court and on Facebook to say "my mum's no felon".

She has defended the woman who raised her and in court was heard saying "I love you, mom".

The pair were allowed to spend a few minutes together after the appearance, separated by a mesh screen.

They held hands throughout and Kamiya burst into tears before she said goodbye.

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