Who is Cassie Compton’s suspect Brandon Rhodes?

A TIKTOK video is opening a cold case for authorities in Arkansas, who are still continuing their search for Cassie Compton seven years after she was last seen.

Renewed interest in the case has amateur sleuths looking at Brandon Lee Rhodes, the main suspect in Cassie Compton's disappearance.

Who is Cassie Compton’s suspect Brandon Rhodes?

Rhodes is currently booked into Independence County Jail on charges unrelated to Compton's case.

Rhodes was engaged to Compton's mother, Judy Compton Kimsey, in September of 2014 when she went missing.

Although he has not been charged with anything in connection to Compton's disappearance, he had a sit-down interview with local TV station KATV to bring closure to Compton's family.

"He says Judy was sick, he said that he was in the back bedroom with her and he never saw Cassie," reporter Kaila Lafferty explained. "He said she came in, grabbed something, she was there for less than five minutes."

"He walked outside and a couple of minutes later she was gone."

Compton's mother Judy had a similar story.

"He was in the house, and he was cooking dinner, that's what he was getting ready to do whenever she came home, was cook supper because I was really sick," Kimsey said.

Was that Cassie Compton in the TikTok video?

After a TikTok video recently surfaced showing a young woman with features that similarly resembled that of Cassie's, many sleuths began speculating the teen might still be alive.

Compton has not been seen since she left her home in Stuttgart, Arkansas, seven years ago.

She was at a demolition derby with a friend and returned home just before 7PM before telling her mother she was going to the store as she left on September 14, 2014.

She is said to be about 5'3", weighed around 100 pounds, has blue eyes, and had blonde hair at the time of her disappearance.

The Stuttgart Police Department released a statement regarding the video:

"We appreciate all the tips and information about Cassie Compton. We have the video from TikTok and have seen the Facebook posts.

The FBI's Little Rock field office said in a statement that it's aware of the video.

"We are following up on the video and taking all investigative steps, but we cannot say anything further at this time," the agency said.

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