What sports can you still do under coronations lockdown?

What sports you CAN do under isolation: Everything you need to know about fitness and COVID-19 restrictions on exercise

  • Golf, tennis, jogging and yoga given the green light in majority of states 
  • Horse-riding, mountain-biking, kayaking and archery also fine outside Victoria
  • Surfing, skateboarding and fishing permissible only in certain circumstances 
  • Huge on-the-spot fines could be handed out for anyone breaking the strict rules
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

Exercise is one of the remaining acceptable reasons for leaving home during the coronavirus shutdown.

But with Australia in a form of lockdown, it remains unclear as to just what exactly the federal and state governments define as exercise.

Team sports are out of the question with gatherings of more than two people banned, and all major professional and amateur leagues are on hiatus.

But when it comes to individual sports and training, there are still many activities that are allowed.

Yoga practitioners are still allowed to stretch outdoors despite tough COVID-19 restrictions

Solo boxing and martial arts workouts are permitted but practitioners need to be at least 1.5 meters away from others. This rules out pad work and sparring as pictured above

Despite Prime Minister Scott Morrison announcing that all sporting clubs would shut under strict new social distancing measures — golf, tennis, archery and horse riding are still allowed outside of Victoria if participants keep a distance of 1.5m.

Likewise, rock-climbers, mountain-bikers and kayakers can continue their adventures in the great outdoors.

Surfers are also permitted to keep catching waves at most beaches.

But in some places, such as Bondi, the local councils have closed beaches making surfing and swimming illegal. 

Surfing is still allowed in most states however in some cases where local councils have shut the beach, such as Bondi (above), catching a wave is outlawed

While most beaches around the country remain open, at some high-density shorelines such as Bondi (above), the sand and surf is off limits

Outdoor gyms across the country have been shut down to slow the spread of the coronavirus

You can still leave home to jog and cycle, while pool, billiards and table tennis can still be practiced indoors.



Golf, Tennis, Cycling, Yoga, Horse-riding, Rock-climbing, Archery, solo boxing and martial arts training, table tennis, pool and billiards


Team sports, indoor and outdoor gyms, recreational boating 

AMBIGUOUS (depending on state):

Fishing, surfing, swimming, skateboarding


The rules are confusing for skateboarders. Skate parks are closed but individuals are allowed to use their board as a means of transport.

Solo boxing workouts and martial arts training is fine under the strict new rules, along with yoga. 

Perhaps the most confusing of all outdoor activities under the COVID-19 shutdown is fishing.

Recreational fishing was declared banned by the Federal Government on Sunday, however in the meantime some states have taken a different line. 

‘Advice from NSW Police is that fishing is permitted, as long as people follow all other advice in relation to social distancing and gatherings of two or more people,’ a New South Wales Department of Primary Industries spokesperson said. 

In Queensland, recreational fishing is not allowed, however fishing for food is considered acceptable. 

Anyone caught breaking these rules can be hit with substantial on-the-sport fines or even a possible prison sentence.

Golfers given the green light to tee off in most places around Australia during the coronavirus shutdown despite the closure of sports clubs

In Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania the rules are more ambiguous.

Recreational boating is outlawed but anglers are permitted to drop a line in.

Anyone caught breaking of these rules can be hit with substantial on-the-sport fines or even a possible prison sentence.

Bootcamps and group training are banned under Australia’s draconian coronavirus measures 

Jogging is an acceptable reason to leave home however social distancing regulations must be adhered to

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