We reveal which celeb faces you can (and can't) trust – from Kim Kardashian & Holly Willoughby to Meghan Markle

SHE'S been named the hottest woman on the planet in poll after poll after poll.

And now, reality veteran Kim Kardashian has been awarded top marks in a study that rates trustworthiness – with experts saying her face shows her to be truly dependable.

The reality queen shot to the top of the leaderboard, scoring nearly 100 per cent when scientists used facial profiling technology on her photos.

Meghan Markle was also found to be more trustworthy than The Duchess of Cambridge, but The Queen still took the lead out of the royals.

Experts from PSL Research University, in France, have created an algorithm which scans the faces in painted portraits and photographs to discover how trustworthy people are based on their facial muscle contractions.

The algorithm doesn't assess trustworthiness in itself – rather the qualities and traits the sitters of a photograph wanted to portray in their image.

Scientist Lou Safra, who worked on the project, said: “We cannot precisely say why these images appear more or less trustworthy.

“However, from studying we know an untrustworthy or dishonest person will have sunken cheeks, furrowed brows and eyes set close together.

“And a trustworthy, honest person usually has a smiling face with prominent cheekbones and high eyebrows.”

Here, Lou and fellow scientist Nicolas Baumard reveal who can and can’t be trusted when it comes to politicians and celebs:

Kim Kardashian

Score: 92%

Kim Kardashian, 39, scored a whopping 92 per cent.

Lou said: “Kim Kardashian is the most trustworthy and honest as she has a smiling face with prominent cheekbones and high eyebrows.” 

In general, the scientists explained that females appear less dominant and more maternal, which makes them more trustworthy.

Holly Willoughby

Score: 71%

As the nation's sweetheart, it's not surprising that Holly Willoughby comes in second place – with 71 per cent.

The 39-year-old TV presenter was given this score due to her high cheekbones and wide eyes.

Happier-looking people are automatically judged to be more trustworthy, than those that appear angry or sad.

Stacey Solomon

Score: 70%

Always smiling, Stacey Solomon, 30, has not only won the country's heart but the scientists' too , scoring 70 per cent.

Referring to the Loose Women star and proud mum, Lou said: “Her big smile makes her appear more trustworthy.”

Michelle Keegan

Score: 68%

There is no doubt we can trust Our Girl Michelle Keegan, 33, especially with a score of 68 per cent.

Lou said: “We know that women who look young and are often smiling always appear more trustworthy.” 

Deidre Sanders

Score: 67%

The Sun’s agony aunt Deidre Sanders scored a high 67 per cent due to her smiling face and high eyebrows.

She's certainly trusted among our readers. The 75-year-old's legendary column has been running strong for the past 35 years.

The Queen

Score: 61%

Her Majesty takes the reigns as the most trusted royal with a score of 61 per cent.

However, the 94-year-old didn’t score higher due to her facial expression – which is part of royal protocol.

Nicolas said: “Not smiling, and keeping her facial expression to a minimum is probably a quality that is very important to her.

"Looking honourable and worthy was more important than looking friendly and trustworthy.”

Joe Biden 

Score: 58%

When running for US president, it is good to show signs of trustworthiness.

And, according to science, Joe Biden does just that – with a score of 58 per cent.

The 77-year-old’s smile and cheekbones prove that he can be trusted.

Meghan Markle

Score: 57%

Meghan Markle’s score makes you question who was the mastermind behind the royal rumble.

The 39-year-old scored 57 per cent as her appearance makes her look “more trustworthy.”

Nicolas said: “It is possible that Megan Markle is not a trustworthy person. Our algorithm is about people's impressions about faces, not about people's actual behaviour. 

“What is clear though is that, on average, her appearance in her portraits makes her look trustworthy.” 

Kate Middleton

Score: 48%

The Duchess of Cambridge was found to be the least trustworthy of the royals, according to science.

However, the 38-year-old’s famous smile and eyes give us assurance.

Nicolas said: “Our algorithm picked up on the facial expression the person has and the picture that has been chosen.

"Her smiling and eyes make her trusted.”

Paul Hollywood

Score: 37%

Known for his Great British breakup which saw his 20-year marriage end years after having an affair, Paul Hollywood’s score speaks for itself.

The 54-year-old celebrity baker may need to work a bit harder with a score of 37 per cent to get our taste buds back up to scratch.

Vladimir Putin

Score: 28%

Russian President Vladimir Putin scored a low 28 per cent when it came to being trustworthy.

The 67-year-old leader, who is believed by America’s intelligence agencies to be personally pulling the strings behind a disinformation campaign to denigrate Joe Biden, scored 30 per cent below his rival. 

Lou said: “Putin is the most untrustworthy and dishonest of the sample as the algorithm picked up on his sunken cheeks, furrowed brows and eyes set close together.”

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