Walter Wallace Jr rapped about shooting cops as criminal record revealed after he was tragically killed by police

WALTER Wallace Jr “rapped about shooting cops” and allegedly once put a gun to a woman’s head before he was tragically killed by police on Monday.

Wallace Jr, a 27-year-old black man, was fatally shot by officers in Philadelphia after they claimed he was wielding a knife and ignored their orders to drop his weapon.

His parents, however, said Wallace Jr was experiencing a mental health crisis and called for an ambulance – and allege that cops knew that.

Wallace Jr was an aspiring rapper who posted videos under the name WhoHe on YouTube, according to local news outlets.

Some of his videos found online appear to show him rapping about shooting people – including police – and the time he spent in jail.

In one music video for a song titled, Off Da Top Part 2, Wallace Jr can be heard rapping about gun violence and saying “we kill cops.”

Wallace Jr also rapped about his relationships, Black Lives Matter, and racial injustice.

One video for a song called Black Hearted, which features two little girls singing along, includes images and videos of black civil rights leaders, including Martin Luther King Jr.

The video also includes footage of a black man being detained by white police officers.

“We deserve the better things in life, y’all ain’t treating us right,” Wallace Jr sang as the infamous clip of George Floyd being killed by a cop earlier this year is played.

In the song, Wallace Jr can be heard singing about how cops “leave us to die.”

“We protest and trying to get things right, y’all don’t wanna get things right, y’all want us to die.

“Man, this s**t ain’t got nothing to do with black and white, it’s about living our life and we living it right.”

As the song concludes, a banner on screen reads: “Rest well to those who died due to the injustice of America.”

WPVI-TV reported, citing court records, that Wallace Jr was currently awaiting trial for “allegedly threatening to shoot a woman and her house up.”

The 27-year-old was sentenced to 11-23 months in prison after he pleaded guilty in 2017 to a slew of charges, including robbery and assault.

He also reportedly pleaded guilty for possessing an instrument of crime after kicking down a woman’s door and holding a gun to her head.

Per WPVI, Wallace Jr pleaded guilty in 2013 to assault and resisting arrest after he apparently punched a cop in the face.

Wallace Jr’s family – who say the 27-year-old was bipolar – have said that on Monday, they sought an ambulance and medical assistance for the man.

His mom, Cathy Wallace, said police officers had showed up at the family’s home in Philadelphia three times on Monday and knew it was a mental health situation.

The mother alleged that one of the times cops showed up, “they stood there and laughed at us.”

At some point within the last 10 years, Wallace Jr was reportedly ordered by a judge to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and treatment.

Family attorney Shaka Johnson said: "I do know that he was on a regimen of lithium and that says to me he was under a doctor's care.”

“That says to me officers who are trained – invisible ink – properly should notice certain things when they arrive at the scene.

“When you come to a scene where somebody is in a mental crisis, and the only tool you have to deal with it is a gun … where are the proper tools for the job?” Johnson said.

She told reporters on Tuesday: “Officers who are properly trained should notice certain things when they arrive at a scene."

“Especially when his wife tells you, ‘Stand down officers, he’s manic bipolar.’"

Wallace Jr was expected to soon be a father, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

His pregnant wife is now scheduled to have labor induced Wednesday, Johnson said.

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said it wasn’t clear what the police officers who responded to Wallace Jr’s family’s 911 call knew about Wallace Jr.

"There are several questions that need to be answered,” Outlaw said.

“Including what the officers knew when they responded, what was put out by radio and how any previous contact with Mr Wallace factored into yesterday," Outlaw added.

After Wallace Jr was shot on Monday – which was caught on video – violent protests broke out, leaving dozens of officers reportedly injured.

Authorities claimed thousands of looters descended upon Philadephia, which Wallace Jr’s dad called “disrespectful” and unhelpful to his family and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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