Walker spots face in the rocks at Cornish beauty spot after landslide

Cliff face! Walker spots eyes and nose in the rocks at Cornish beauty spot after landslide

  • Louise Cole, 45, was walking along the coastal path at Bedruthan Steps
  • She and her husband spotted a face in in the rocks outside Padstow, Cornwall
  • The couple photographed the result which locals claim is their giant 

A mysterious face has appeared in a cliff following a landslide – and locals claim it could be the head of a mythical giant that stalked the area.

Louise Coe, 45, was walking the coast path at Bedruthan Steps when she noticed a pair of eyes and a nose staring back at her.

NHS worker Louise and her husband walk the route near Padstow in Cornwall regularly but had not been recently – due to recent landslides that closed the steps.

A recent landslide has produced a remarkable face-like feature, circled on the cliff at Bedruthan Steps near Padstow in Cornwall

The amazing feature is claimed to be the face of the Bedruthan Giant who appears in local mythology

She suspects the face was caused by the landslides – creating a remarkably detailed carving of a face.

The ‘steps’ are a natural rock formation said to have been created when the ‘Bedruthan Giant’ used them as stepping stones to cross the bay.

Some locals have even claimed the face could be that of the mythical giant.

Louise said: ‘My partner and I were just out walking with the dog when we spotted it.

‘We’re National Trust members so we quite often walk along the coast near the Bedruthan Steps.

‘There had been some rock falls recently we think, but suddenly my partner and I just noticed that the rock face looked like a face looking out to sea.

‘The steps are actually closed at the moment because of rock falls, so it might be a new formation – it looks very different.’

Dangerous landslides have been reported there both in December 2019 and on New Year’s Day 2021. 

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