VIDEO: Moises the dog steals 5kg bag of sausages from a Sao Paulo

Fit as a butcher’s dog! Cheeky mutt steals a huge pack of sausages from shop after owner lets him out for walk

  • Mosies the dog managed to steal 5kg of sausages from a Sao Paulo butcher
  • The dog’s owner can be heard giving an excited commentary during the video 
  • The owner stressed they went back to the butcher to pay for the sausages 
  • She said the butcher now gives Moises a bone whenever he passes the shop 

This is the hilarious moment Mosies the dog stole 5kg of sausages from a butcher’s shop in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

The incident, which happened on April 17, was filmed by the dog’s owner, who spotted her pet walking down the road with his illicit haul. 

The owner posted footage of her dog on the internet where social media fans expressed their delight at what has happened.  

Mosies the dog stole 5kg of sausages from a butcher’s shop in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The dog’s owner gave an excited commentary as her pet carried home his illicit haul

The dog’s owner assured fans on social media that she returned to the butcher and paid for the sausages 

The dog walked along the street holding the large bag of sausages while the owner gave an excited commentary in Portuguese. 

Several other dogs on the street started barking when they saw Moises with his sausages.  

The owner writing about the incident said: ‘I went to the butcher shop and paid the damages. 

‘Mosies has gained a friend, who in his attempt to take nothing else away, now gives him a piece of bone every time he goes to the butcher shop.’

One person commenting on social media said: ‘Moises is in a hurry he doesn’t want the other dogs to invite themselves to the barbecue.’ 

Another said: ‘This was funny! Clearly the dog was craving hot dogs for dinner.’    

She said whenever Moises passes the butcher shop now the owner gives him a bone 

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