Vegan ordered to give up second pig she keeps in a tiny flat

Vegan activist, 32, who was ordered to give up pig that was living in her tiny London flat after she ‘rescued’ it from slaughter is forced to give up ANOTHER swine ‘child’ she adopted after moving to Poland

  • Alicia Day, 32, had to give up her first pig from a tiny flat in Ealing, West London 
  • A vet in Poland has ruled a second pet pig needs to be kept in better conditions
  • Ms Day has spent thousands taking pigs sight-seeing and to eat in restaurants 

A vegan has been ordered to give up a pet pig she was looking after in her tiny flat and hand it over to a sanctuary – for the second time in two years. 

Alicia Day, 32, originally from New York, claims she feels ‘ashamed’ after a vet has ruled that the swine – named Pupcia – should be moved to a more suitable home.

This is the second pig she has had taken away from her after her first – Jixy Pixy – was banned from her flat in Ealing, West London by her landlord.

At the time, she sparked outrage for the conditions she kept Jixy Pixy in, but claims she gave him a good life because she gave him baths and took him to Wagamamas. 

Alicia Day, 32, lives in Warsaw, Poland with a pet pig but is giving him to a sanctuary at the end of the month

She now lives in Warsaw, Poland after moving to teach English and claims the pig is being taken from her despite going through all the necessary paperwork.

Ms Day said: ‘I went through a very extensive documentation process in order to register as a livestock owner here in Poland.

‘I started working on that, on day one – pretty much the day after I landed in this country.’  

The pig-lover explained she adopted Pupcia last month but he immediately ran away after she moved in to a flat without a garden.  

The vegan lives in a tiny flat with the four-month old pig which a vet has ruled is unsuitable for a farmyard animal

The four-month-old pig was found by a member of the public and taken to a local farm, where a vet ruled that he needed to be kept in a home with a proper garden.

Ms Day now has to give the pig up by the end of the month.

Since moving into a Warsaw apartment, neighbours have complained after Pupcia uprooted two lawns in the communal gardens whilst on walks with Ms Day.

And her current landlady is said to be as equally unhappy as her London landlord was with her choice of pet and has fined her £575 to keep the animal.

Ms Day takes her pig on public transports and in taxis to go sight seeing with her and to visit restaurants

Ms Day has spent thousands of pounds pampering her pet pig Pupcia and regularly gives him baths at her tiny flat

Ms Day enjoys taking the pig for walks around the city but has received complaints from neighbours after her uprooted two lawns in their communal gardens

Ms Day continued: ‘I would say that owning a pig, the desire to help animals has driven me to do things that would normally have caused me anxiety.

‘I’m actually moving the pig at the end of this month as well to another farm animal sanctuary, I’m ashamed to say that.

‘But for right now, we’re just living every day as if it’s our last here in Warsaw.’

Ms Day has spent thousands of pounds on her pet pigs, taking both her previous pig and the current one sight seeing, in taxi rides and to restaurants. 

Ms Day enjoyed taking her first pet pig, Jixy-Pixy, which she owned two years ago, on walks with her around London

Jixy-Pixy was her first pet pig which she kept in a tiny flat in Ealing, West London but was forced to give him up after her landlord refused to let her keep him

She said: ‘I’ve spent a fortune on this pig, with taxi rides and everything, you know.

‘The sum has come up to easily £7,000. But I would do anything for my ‘children’. I don’t care that much about my own happiness.

‘I can’t just ignore the suffering of animals. This is just one chapter in the story of my efforts to help animals.’

She added that she was once scammed out of hundreds of pounds when trying to buy a cow. 

The vegan, who says she cries at the thought of animals being slaughtered, says she is now saving up to purchase a plot of land to keep pigs on.   

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