Ukrainians cheat death when apartment block almost collapses on them

Pedestrians cheat death when three-storey apartment block COLLAPSES as they walk past in Ukraine

  • Abandoned apartment building in Ukraine was undergoing restoration work 
  • Workers left for a cigarette break when the building suddenly toppled over 
  • Two pedestrians were forced to run for their lives to escape falling masonry 
  • Fortunately nobody was injured, but an investigation has been launched 

This is the moment two pedestrians were forced to run for their lives as an apartment block collapsed in Ukraine. 

The shocking footage was recorded in the Black Sea resort city of Odessa, in the south of Ukraine, around 10am on April 9. 

It shows a pair of pedestrians walking close to the crumbling building before it suddenly give way, sending masonry crashing into the street.

Two pedestrians were forced to run for their lives in the city of Odessa, southern Ukraine, after an abandoned apartment building suddenly collapsed (top left)

The pair – a man (pictured left by the tree) and a woman were walking close to the building around 10am on April 9 when it suddenly toppled over

Fortunately the pair – a man and a woman – spot what is happening just in time and are able to escape before they are crushed. 

Nobody else was injured in the collapse because the 130-year-old building was abandoned, having been deemed unsafe several years ago.

Locals said that a restoration crew began work on the building shortly before it toppled over. 

Natalia Taban, a woman living nearby said to local media: ‘It collapsed soon after workers started drilling the walls.’

Reports say the team of construction workers left the site to have a smoke break moments before the crash.

‘It is a miracle that nobody was injured’, a witness said.

Locals say a restoration crew had started work on the building the same day and had left for a smoke break when it suddenly came down

The pedestrians (pictured top centre) were forced to run for their lives to escape the falling masonry, and fortunately nobody was injured

The apartment block was built in 1893 during the time of the Russian Empire.

Several years ago the left wing of the three-storey building was recognized unsafe and closed for reconstruction.

The mayor Gennadiy Trukhanov added: ‘The building is an architectural monument of local significance.

‘It was entrusted to a private company for renovation.

‘We are going to find out whether regulations were breached during the work.’

The incident happened in the centre of the tourist city where 30 per cent of buildings are more than a century old and need renovation.

Four years ago a 21-year-old man was killed in a similar accident, say local media.

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