Trump sadly sings 'macho man' on piano as Carrey reprises Ace Ventura

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump sadly sings ‘macho man’ on the piano as Jim Carrey reprises Ace Ventura to call the president a ‘loser’ in SNL election celebration

  • SNL spoofed Joe Biden’s acceptance speech, and sent up Trump’s concession
  • Alec Baldwin sang ‘Macho Man’ on the piano while debating his future
  • Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris got her phone out to dance at the podium
  • Carrey delighted fans with his Ace Ventura reprisal, calling Trump a ‘loser’ 

Donald Trump’s expected concession speech was mocked on Saturday Night Live, with Alec Baldwin taking to the piano to sadly sing ‘Macho Man’. 

And Jim Carey, reappearing as Joe Biden, channeled his classic Ace Ventura character to call Trump a ‘loser’, to the delight of fans. 

The episode was hosted by Dave Chappelle, who also hosted the first show after Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. 

In that earlier episode, the show opened with Kate McKinnon as Clinton, playing the piano and singing Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ in a sorrowful acceptance of her loss. 

Saturday’s show picked up where McKinnon left off, only this time with Trump singing a downbeat version of the Village People’s song. 

Alec Baldwin, as Donald Trump, takes to the piano to sing ‘Macho Man’ to cheer his spirits

Trump left the White House press room to walk across to the piano and play his sad song

Carrey dug his Ace Ventura character out of the cupboard to call Trump a ‘loser’

Beck Bennett played Wolf Blitzer, announcing Biden’s victory

The cold open showed with Beck Bennett as CNN’s Wolf Blitzer announcing Joe Biden’s victory.

‘I know I’m supposed to be a neutral news anchor, but God damn it, that feels good!’ Blitzer said. 

Jim Carrey reprised his role as Biden, saying: ‘I’ve never felt so alive. Which is ironic, as I’m not that alive.’

He promised to ‘be your president’, welcoming Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris, who listed her ‘firsts’ – wearing the white pant suit and silk blouse that the vice president-elect wore earlier on Saturday to deliver her Delaware speech.

‘Like Joe, I am humbled and honored to be the first female, the first black, the first Indian-American, and the first biracial vice president,’ she said. 

Maya Rudolph will continue to play Harris throughout the next four years, it is thought

Rudolph sported the same outfit as Kamala Harris had worn shortly before for her speech

‘And if any of that terrifies you, well, I don’t give a funt. 

‘Also, my husband will be the first Second Gentleman, and he’s Jewish, so between us we check more boxes than a disqualified ballot.’ 

She told the crowd: ‘The reason your mom is laughing so much tonight is because she’s drunk, and the reason she’s crying is because she’s drunk. 

‘Your mom is going to switch from laughing to crying to dancing pretty much all night.’ 

The pair then danced to Harris’ phone – sending up her campaign-trail dance moves and dancing to the viral hit song ‘Lose Yo Job’. 

‘You about to lose your job (get this dance),’ raps iMarkkeyz in the song. 

Biden and Harris dance after Harris whipped out her phone and played ‘Lose Yo Job’

Blitzer said: ‘People don’t just want to see Biden and Kamala happy. They also want to see Trump sad. 

‘So let’s check in on the president’s concession speech, which I am sure will be gracious and factual.’ 

Alec Baldwin then came on as Trump, thanking everyone for coming to see his ‘victory speech’. 

‘Stop the count! Stop the count!’ he chanted, from the White House podium. 

‘Oh – what’s that? I’m behind? Count all the votes! Every last vote!’ he said.

Trump said there had been ‘no blue wave’, asking White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany to bring out the map.

‘So much red,’ he said, approvingly.

‘Sorry – this is the COVID map,’ McEnany said. 

Kayleigh McEnany brought out the COVID map, which Trump mistook for a ‘red wave’ map

He then took to the piano.

He told the audience he chose the song to ‘to remind you who I really am’, and broke into a downbeat version of The Village People’s hit ‘Macho Man’.

‘I’m not going to say goodbye, America,’ he said at the end. 

‘I’m just going to say, ‘See you in court!’  

Baldwin, Carrey and Rudolph reprised their roles as the three political leaders

‘It’s Saturday Night Live!’ the trio yelled to close the cold open

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