Transgender teenager is removed from 'abusive' parents

Transgender teenager is removed from their parents after a judge rules their refusal to allow a transition to a boy is ‘abuse’ that left the child suicidal

  •  Transgender teenager, then 15, was removed from police about a year ago 
  •  Judge ruled the teenager, born female, to be removed from parents in October
  •  Cited risk of self-harm after the parents did not consent to hormone treatments
  •  Lifeline on 13 11 14

A transgender teenager has been removed from their parents after a judge ruled her parents ‘abusive’ for not letting the child transition into a boy.  

The teenager, who was born female, was removed from her family by police at 15-years-old after discussing suicide online about a year ago. 

The child was officially taken into care after a state Children’s Court magistrate made a protection order in October and cited the teenager’s risk of self harm.    

The parents, who migrated to Australia a decade ago, said they grieved the loss of their child and objected to bullying by authorities. 

A transgender teenager, then 15, was removed from their family by police at 15 years old after discussing suicide online about a year ago (file image pictured) 

The teenager was officially removed from her parents after a state children’s court magistrate made a protection order in October and ruled the parents abusive (file image pictured) 

‘(The authorities say) we will not allow her to change gender, so it’s dangerous for her to come back to our house because we will mentally abuse her — they want us to consent to testosterone treatment,’ her father told the The Weekend Australian. 

The mother explained family and friends has been shocked at their story and ‘they just can’t believe that it happens in Australia’.      

The couple said they knew their child had been depressed and in need of help but wanted a review from an independent psychologist.  

They wanted the psychologist to consider any possible underlying causes and to look into non-invasive treatment options.

The mother said her teenager lost friends at 13-years-old after the family moved and struggled with social skills, body image and a difficult start to puberty.      

Queensland University’s dean of law Patrick Parkinson said he believed the teenager’s removal on a gender-identity basis was the first of its kind.

Child protection authorities have agreed to the parents’ request for a second opinion before any decision on hormonal treatments.   

The parents have filed an appeal against the magistrate’s decision (file image pictured) 

Lawyers for the parents filed an appeal against the magistrate’s removal decision on November 20. 

The lawyers will argue the magistrate made an error when insisting the protection proceedings did not relate to the causes of gender dysphoria or treatment options.       

The magistrate found, on the balance of probabilities, that the teenager suffered verbal abuse ‘related to his feelings and expression of gender identity’.   

But the parents deny any such abuse.  

‘It’s controversial because different doctors can come up with different diagnoses and different treatments, so for parents to seek a second opinion before going along with irreversible treatment is wholly appropriate,’ their lawyer said.   

Lawyers acting for the teenager filed a separate action on November 7 and applied for approval to begin hormone therapy.  

A preliminary hearing will be heard on Tuesday in the Family Court. 

It will be the first such case where both parents oppose any hormone treatment. 

Lifeline on 13 11 14 

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