Tory in-fighting sees two branded hypocrites for partygate criticism

Tory in-fighting over pork pie plotters turns ugly as two are branded hypocrites for partygate criticism… as ANDREW PIERCE reveals one ‘ringleader’ is a TikTok TV star with a thirst for attention

  • Tory turncoat Christian Wakeford was branded ‘Christian Wineford’ over drinking
  • It is alleged that he vomited from drinking tequila at a lockdown-busting party 
  • He defected to Labour yesterday after months of attacking Keir Starmer’s party 
  • Dehenna Davison was accused of ‘often being on whisky and Coke in afternoons’

The double standards of the plotters trying to bring down Boris Johnson over boozy No10 parties was exposed last night.

Tory turncoat Christian Wakeford – who defected to Labour yesterday after months of attacking Keir Starmer’s party – was branded ‘Christian Wineford’ over his drinking.

And Dehenna Davison, who has been blamed for stirring up discontent among the 2019 intake of backbench Tory MPs, was accused of ‘often being on the whisky and Coke in the afternoons’.

She was accused of having a mini-bar in her office, a claim rejected by Miss Davison who said her workplace was so small she didn’t ‘even have a filing cabinet’.

A Tory source last night denounced Mr Wakeford and Miss Davison, saying: ‘Their hypocrisy is staggering.’

Dehenna Davison (pictured), who has been blamed for stirring up discontent among the 2019 intake of backbench Tory MPs, was accused of ‘often being on the whisky and Coke’

In his letter to the Prime Minister yesterday, informing him of his decision to quit the Tories, Mr Wakeford blamed the ‘disgraceful way you have conducted yourself in recent weeks’.

But the party yesterday hit back with a series of astonishing claims about the 37-year-old Bury South MP. 

The Manchester Young Conservatives claimed he vomited from drinking too much tequila at a lockdown-busting party.

The group tweeted a photograph of Mr Wakeford holding a bottle of red wine while allegedly attending a house party last June.

‘He drank so much tequila he chundered. Glass houses and that,’ the post read. 

Mr Wakeford hit the headlines last November after he swore at Owen Paterson after Tory MPs were instructed to help block his suspension from the Commons for breaking lobbying rules.

Dehenna Davison was accused of having a mini-bar in her office, a claim rejected by Miss Davison who said her workplace was so small she didn’t ‘even have a filing cabinet’

The MP blamed a ‘mixture of quite a lot of anger and codeine’ for the incident when he called the former minister a ‘c***’. ‘I clearly have a broken ankle at the moment, it’s not the best mix,’ he told Times Radio.

Tory sources last night claimed the injury had been sustained after he fell down steps after drinking.

They also pointed to how Mr Wakeford – who has a tiny 402 majority – was one of five MPs accused of getting drunk on a three-day trip to Gibraltar that coincided with Armistice Day.

A Tory source last night branded him ‘Christian Wineford’. 

They added: ‘He got trashed on that Gibraltar trip. He’s a big boozer – he’s got that rep (reputation)’ – a claim denied at the time by the Conservative Party. 

‘It was also claimed Mr Wakeford had attended boozy gatherings in Miss Davison’s Commons office.

‘Dehenna regularly has fellow Red Wall MPs and aides in her Commons office where the booze flows with loud music and singing,’ a source said.

‘It is rich for people who do that to try to bring down a PM for drinks parties.’ 

The 28-year-old, who presents a TV show with Nigel Farage, has been identified as a rebel ringleader with party sources accusing her of ‘madly whipping up the Red Wallers’.

She took the Red Wall seat of Bishop Auckland at the 2019 election – the first time the Tories had won there in almost a century. 

Her campaign was helped by a visit from the PM’s wife and former friend Carrie Johnson.

Mrs Johnson’s best friend Nimco Ali yesterday tweeted: ‘I honestly can’t believe the audacity of Dehenna Davison. Girl get a grip.’

Tory turncoat Christian Wakeford was branded ‘Christian Wineford’ over his drinking. He is allegedly pictured at a house party in Manchester in June last year

The Manchester Young Conservatives group claimed the MP for Bury South ‘drank so much tequila he chundered’ while at a house party

A senior Tory MP said yesterday of Miss Davison and Mrs Johnson: ‘They were big mates. Carrie saw her as the golden girl.

‘Dehenna’s dog Carter had been on doggy play dates with Dilyn.’ They added: ‘Dehenna is frustrated – she feels as if she should be a minister.’ 

One senior Tory MP said of Miss Davison and her fellow alleged 2019 intake colleagues: ‘They need to take the implications of changing your PM a lot more seriously than they do.

‘This isn’t like changing your brand of iPod, or your trainers. It’s a significant move for the party and the people of this country. 

‘We’re in danger of letting someone into government who backed Corbyn to the hilt. 

‘It would be a heart-wrenching decision for me to put in a letter – and I’m no fan of the PM. But it’s not alright to have all this f***** up by a lot of kids.’

He added: ‘Many of the 2019-ers think they have a big personal vote. We know there is no such thing. 

‘Doesn’t matter how good you are as an MP, if the electorate is against you, your leader and your party, you are gone.’

ANDREW PIERCE: Pork pie plotter Dehenna Davison – the TikTok TV star with a thirst for attention 

By Andrew Pierce for the Daily Mail 

Can it be only a year or so ago that Dehenna Davison took her rescue puppy Carter on a ‘playdate’ with Dilyn, the unruly Downing Street terrier?

Back then, the newly minted MP for Bishop Auckland was one of Boris Johnson’s golden girls – and besties with the then Carrie Symonds.

The Prime Minister’s fiancee had even joined the campaign trail to help get Davison elected in 2019 and the MP later posted cosy pictures of the two of them on Twitter with the hashtag #ToryGirlSquad.

Davison’s commitment to Boris Johnson was said to be ‘unfaltering’. Post-Partygate, things look very different. 

Ruthless betrayal is part of Westminster politics and Davison, 28, now stands accused by party sources of ‘madly whipping up the Red Wallers’.

While she hotly denies a rumour that she will be the next Tory MP to defect to Labour – calling such talk ‘complete bulls***’ – she is suspected of being a ringleader of the so-called ‘Pork Pie Plot’.

Perhaps the PM should have always been wary: Davison isn’t a conventional MP.

Ms Davison pictured in a selfie with Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Sunderland

She has shared a video of herself – plucking her eyebrows and putting on make-up while lip-synching to Taylor Swift’s Ready For It? – on TikTok. 

On her office wall, she even displays a mock ‘eye test’ chart featuring Barnard Castle – where Boris’s ex-aide Dominic Cummings drove to ‘test his eyesight’ in the first lockdown – spelt out in ever-smaller letters.

And her personal life is… interesting. At 24, she married a Conservative councillor 35 years her senior and appeared with him on a reality TV show, Bride and Prejudice. 

They are now getting divorced and she recently declared herself bisexual, the first female MP to do so.

Some think Davison one of the brightest of the so-called 2019-ers. The daughter of a stonemason and a nursery nurse, she grew up on a Sheffield council estate but – urged by a primary school head teacher who arranged for her to take the exam – won a full scholarship to the independent Sheffield High School.

Her life was shaped by tragedy two years later as a 13-year-old, when her 35-year-old father was killed by a single punch to the head in a pub.

‘The news didn’t have to be broken [to me],’ Davison said later. ‘My mum had been there while they tried to resuscitate him and she came into the room – I can still remember the look on her face.’ 

The man who killed him stood trial but claimed he had been hit first – and witnesses were divided. Though convicted of manslaughter, the killer never served time for Mr Davison’s death (having spent 18 months in prison on a separate assault charge).

Three years later, Davison had to represent the family at a criminal injuries compensation tribunal because they could not afford a lawyer.

That seems to have sparked her interest in politics.

She was drawn to the Conservative Party because ‘when I thought about it, my core values – what made me – it was things like, if you want to get on in life you have to stand on your own two feet’.

She spent a year working for Jacob Rees-Mogg while studying politics at Hull University.

Ms Davison (pictured in October) has previously shared a videos of herself plucking her eyebrows and putting on make-up while lip-synching to Taylor Swift on TikTok

Her maiden speech as an MP quoted both Del Boy and the Harry Potter character Albus Dumbledore. 

Not surprisingly, one of her early initiatives was to form an all-party group to look at sentencing for one-punch assaults.

She is a passionate Brexiteer and co-presents the Sunday morning show The Political Correction with Nigel Farage on the ‘anti-woke’ TV station GB News – a source of great irritation to many Tory MPs.

‘Dehenna has been told she is giving the oxygen of publicity to Farage, who is an enemy of the Tories,’ said one senior MP. 

‘But she doesn’t listen because she thinks she knows best.’

As one of the youngest MPs at Westminster, she has enjoyed a high media profile. Some believe the publicity has gone to her head.

‘Loyalty is an important attribute in politics,’ another senior colleague said last night.

 ‘She won’t be taking many MPs with her as most of us are laughing at her behind her back.’

Mr Wokeford: Labour activists revolt over Tory MP Christian Wakeford joining their ranks after it emerged he once aimed a foul-mouthed insult at them 

By Harriet Line Chief Political Correspondent For The Daily Mail

Labour activists were in open revolt last night after Christian Wakeford joined their ranks.

The Bury South MP became the first Tory in 15 years to cross the floor of the Commons to sit on the Labour benches.

Labour members also took aim at the Tory turncoat who they said ‘should be nowhere near’ their party – after it emerged he once branded them a ‘bunch of c***s’.

Christian Wakeford, MP for Bury South, became the first Tory in 15 years to cross the floor of the Commons to sit on the Labour benches

But Mr Wakeford said last night that he will continue to represent the people of Bury South, the Red Wall seat where he was elected in 2019 with a wafer-thin 402 majority.

He rejected pressure to trigger a by-election – despite previously supporting a backbench bill that called for any MP who switches parties to face a recall petition.

Mr Wakeford was one of seven Tory MPs to publicly call for Boris Johnson to quit, but his defection means there is now one fewer letter of no confidence with 1922 Committee chairman Sir Graham Brady.

A close ally of the PM said last night that Mr Johnson was ‘delighted’ about Mr Wakeford’s move as it has given the party a common enemy, while a senior Tory MP said it had ‘united’ the backbenches.

Conservatives Lee Anderson and Jonathan Gullis said Tory MPs had dubbed him Christian ‘Wokeford’, as the people of Bury South ‘voted for a Conservative agenda, not the Labour woke agenda that we’re seeing today’.

Christian Wakeford MP and Boris Johnson pictured as the former delivered a Christmas card to the Prime Minister last year

Mr Wakeford’s defection was announced just minutes before PMQs yesterday. 

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer began his questions by ‘warmly welcoming’ Mr Wakeford to his party. 

But Labour’s youth wing did not echo Sir Keir’s greeting.

A statement on Young Labour’s Twitter account said: ‘Christian Wakeford MP should not be admitted to the Labour Party. 

‘He has consistently voted against the interests of working class people; for the £20 Universal Credit cut, for the Nationality and Borders Bill and for the Police and Crime Bill. Young Labour does not welcome him.’

The Corbynite Momentum campaign group also said Mr Wakeford ‘should be nowhere near the Labour Party’. 

A spokesman said: ‘Christian Wakeford has voted with this hard-Right Tory government almost 400 times in just two years – voting against measures to stop climate change and tax avoidance and against enabling domestic abuse victims to have access to benefits.’

However, the chairman of Bury South Labour Party, Paddy Heneghan, welcomed the MP.

‘Members of our constituency party will be meeting tomorrow to discuss how we will be working with our new Labour MP to fight for the interests of residents and secure a future Labour government,’ he said.

While the row over No10 parties had been the final straw for him, Mr Wakeford highlighted issues including free school meals, the row over Dominic Cummings’ behaviour during lockdown, the cost-of-living crisis and the Owen Paterson affair, for his decision to defect. 

He said Tories were ‘trying to defend the indefensible and they are doing so gladly’.

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