Ted Cruz fears ‘Dem election sweep’ after warning of 'bloodbath of Watergate proportions' for the GOP

A REPUBLICAN Senator has expressed concern that Republican voters will not show up in the same capacity as Democrats in the forthcoming elections.

Ted Cruz on Sunday said the battle between Biden and Trump in the Presidential Elections could go either way- but warned the GOP of a "bloodbath" not seen since Watergate over 40 years ago.

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Speaking to NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday morning the Texas senator warned the outcome of this year’s elections would be decided by voter turnout.

He said: “There's an incredible volatility in politics right now. The delta between possible outcomes is as wide as I've ever seen it.

"I think this is a turnout election I think the hard left is showing up no matter what. They hate the president.

"And the big open question is: Does everybody else show up? I hope that they do."

But despite Senator Cruz warning of a 'Democratic sweep" at the election,he weighed up the options of each outcome.

He continued: "I think there's a scenario – I believe President Trump can win, in fact I believe he could have a significant victory and Republicans can take both Houses of Congress.

"But I also think it is possible we see a Democratic sweep where they win everything and it's a victory of Watergate proportions."

Cruz was referring to the Watergate scandal, which prompted then-President Richard Nixon to resign from the presidency in 1974, and triggered massive losses for Republicans in the House of Representatives that year, along with several defeats in the Senate.

In 1976, then-President Gerald Ford, who pardoned Nixon after his resignation two years earlier, lost the presidential election to former Gov. Jimmy Carter of Georgia.

It comes as Donald Trump trails Joe Biden in most of the major battleground states such as Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, according to most public polling surveys.

He added: "I don't recall an election in my life with the spread – the delta – between those two possible outcomes this close to an election being that wide.'

"If people are optimistic and hopeful about the future – if they're going back to work – that would be a factor in a very good election for Republicans. If they're pessimistic and depressed and hopeless – that will help the Democrats"

The news comes as the second presidential debate, due to take place on October 15, has been canceled due to coronavirus precautions.

The Commission on Presidential Debates opted to host the debate virtually, but President Trump fervently declined.

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