Stunning Queen portrait among stars captured in new exhibition

A PORTRAIT of the Queen will take centre stage at a new exhibition of some never-before-published images of the world's most famous faces.

Photographer Greg Brennan captured the picture as the Monarch travelled to the State Opening of Parliament in 2015.

Titled Stamp of Approval, it became the latest addition to the Royal Photographic Collection, with The Queen requesting a large-scale copy after Mr Brennan sent the picture to Buckingham Palace.

The Queen’s Private Secretary expressed her appreciation for the ‘impressive image’.

In a letter sent to Mr Brennan, Edward Young said that the Queen asked him to thank him for sending the image to Buckingham Palace.

Mr Young added: 'It was most thoughtful of you to send a copy of this impressive image to The Queen.

'I wonder whether you would be able to send a signed exhibition-size print of the photograph, which I could then pass to the Royal Photographic Collection for  posterity?'

Before signing off the letter, Mr Young said: 'This letter comes to you with Her Majesty's good wishes.' 

The stunning image will be exhibited alongside some of Mr Brennan's most famous snaps of the rich and famous.

He captured Jack Nicholson's brush with a fan in 1998 while leaving a hat store in central London.

A builder approached The Shining star for an autograph.  Without a pen he used the only thing available – signing his name with a paintbrush.

The same year Sylvester Stallone was captured signing his autograph on a chef's apron outside London's Maroush restaurant in Knightsbridge June 1998. The Rocky star had stopped for a kebab – and happily obliged the signature request.

Mr Brennan snapped Beyonce Knowles in 2008 as she left her hotel for a party. The singer was in town with rapper lover Jay Z to perform a few gigs and appear on TV.


The late Amy Winehouse is pictured in 2008 performing  at Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday concert. Mr Brennan said: "The singer put on an amazing performance in front of Nelson and Kate Middleton."

The snapper took a picture of Mick Jagger waving his hands theatrically in the air as he left London's swish The Ivy restaurant.

In 2009, late 2ft 8ins actor Verne Troyer – best known for his role of Mini Me in the Austin Powers series – posed up outside the towering gates of Buckingham Palace while sightseeing in the capital.

Much missed singer David Bowie and wife Iman posed up in 2001 while going for a meal after attending a showbiz party.

Sisters Kylie and Danni Minogue were spotted arm in arm in 2000 while out for dinner.

In 2002 actor Robert De Niro was seen leaving the Dominion Theatre after a performance of We Will Rock You.

Mr Brennan said: "Robert left via a back door but I was able to capture the elusive star."

In 2000 he snapped Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor arriving at The Royal Albert Hall.

He said: "It was Jackson's only ever visit to the Royal Albert Hall for a benefit for the Red Hot Aids Charitable Trust."

A year earlier Kate Moss was seen leaving a house party that was also attended by her ex boyfriend Johnny Depp, Mick Hucknall and Billy Zane.

Mr Brennan said: "Kate seen without any make up on, fresh faced, and happily posed in the street outside the party."

In 1998 Dolly Parton beamed for camera as she went for a meal in London.

American rocker Bon Jovi was captured wowing crowds at a Hyde Park gig attended by 100,000 people in 2011.

And two years earlier Whitney Houston was seen arriving at the Princess Garden Chinese restaurant in London for dinner. The superstar was in town to perform at The Brits.

The snaps will all feature in four exhibitions in London and Manchester.

Mr Brennan, who has been snapping famous faces for over 30 years, is now represented by Iconic Images, who also represent photographers including the late Terry O'Neill.

The snapper labelled his portrait of the Queen portrait as "the jewel in my crown".

The full set of snaps will be on view at Photo London in Somerset House from May 12-15 May.

And further exhibitions of his work are planned at Box Galleries in Chelsea, west London, from May 10-31, London's Iconic Images Gallery from 26 May, and 70TheExhibition at the ABC Gallery in Manchester from 10 June-21 July.

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