Soldier 'killed herself after being gang-raped by colleagues' because she was too scared to report abuse

A SOLDIER allegedly killed herself after being gang-raped by colleagues because she was too scared to report the abuse.

Morgan Robinson, 29, died by suicide approximately two years after she was first "sexually assaulted and continually harassed by one of her superiors"in Kuwait, her mom revealed.

The Army National Guard soldier's mom, Debbie Robinson, opened up about her daughter's tragic 2018 death to CBS Evening News.

CBS News Investigative Unit and O'Donnell had conducted a year-and-a-half investigation into sexual assault within the United States Military.

Speaking to CBS anchor Norah O'Donnell, Debbie said: "And to think that that's what took her life. That's what broke her.

"They wanted her body. And they took her soul."

Debbie said her daughter, a mom-of-one, was sexually assaulted in Kuwait in 2016 – on her first deployment – and received "nothing" after reporting the assault.

Morgan had been member of the Army National Guard for six years when she was sent to Kuwait, according to CBS.

During the same deployment, Morgan was transferred to Afghanistan where she was allegedly raped by a group of soldiers.

According to her mom, Morgan was "very scared" to report the second alleged sexual assault.

Debbie said her daughter was hesitant to make a report "because they threatened her, number one. And number two, she knew that it wouldn't go anywhere.

She added: "Nothing happened in Kuwait with the sexual assault and the harassment, so why would they do something, you know, in Afghanistan?"

Morgan took her life four months after the alleged gang-rape – prompting the Army to investigate her death.

Her mom told CBS that Morgan's death "wasn't a matter of 'if' – it was a matter of 'when.'"

Debbie blames the "military" for her daughters death because "they did not handle what happened."

She told CBS: "They can't police their self. How can you investigate yourself? You can't."

Debbie also said she had been given a report from the US Army into Morgan's death – which has conceal information.

The unredacted pages reportedly revealed: "Sergeant Robinson suffered sexual, physical, and psychological trauma while deployed.

"The sequela of this trauma was a factor in her death."

It wasn't until eight months after Morgan's suicide that the officer who conducted the assault was given a formal reprimand.

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