Shock investigation reveals Zombie knives like weapon used to stab schoolgirl to death are easily bought online for £14 | The Sun

ZOMBIE knives like the one used to kill Croydon schoolgirl Elianne Andam are available to buy online for as little as £14.

The 15-year-old was knifed to death with a foot-long, serrated blade yesterday on the No60 double-decker in Croydon on her way to school.

Elianne was brutally killed when she leapt to her pal's defence after a boy tried to give his former girlfriend flowers and a love note.

Around an hour and 15 minutes after the stabbing, police arrested a teenage boy in connection with the girl's death.

Witnesses say the boy allegedly used a zombie knife to attack the young girl.

The Offensive Weapons Act 2019 made it illegal to bring into the UK, sell, hire, lend or give anyone a zombie knife.

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And on August 29, 2023, the Home Office announced they are banning more of the weapons and introducing a new offence for those found in possession.

However, The Sun can reveal that these shanks are easily available to teenagers online for as little as £14.

A simple search for ‘zombie knives’ on eBay brings back tens of results.

One listing sees a 12.5inch knife with a bright green handle being sold for just $17.94 (around £13).

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Ebay requires no ID to make a purchase on the site – despite saying only over 18s can make purchases.

The post boasts that they have already sold 172 of the deadly weapon.

It comes after The Sun told how zombie knives are also being sold to kids through TikTok and Snapchat earlier this year.

The Mirror reported on a weapons seller on TikTok and Snapchat that was enticing kids as young as 13 with his "cheap" knives and easy delivery.

They offered a door to door delivery service, making the process shockingly quick and simple as knife crime continues to soar.

The weapons often have serrated edges and words etched on to them, helping to glamorise violence.

Zombie knives earned their nickname as they mimic weapons frequently seen in horror films, particularly "zombie apocalypse" movies.

Yesterday, a bloodied bouquet was seen on the floor outside the Whitgift shopping centre paying tribute to Eliyanna.

Security worker Victor Asare described the horrific scene, saying: "A lot of people came, everyone came off the bus.

"(The suspect) ran. Everybody was crying and screaming. The girl was on the floor.

"We tried to catch him and a lot of people tried to save the girl. I was so shocked, I was shaken. It's somebody's daughter.

"I finished work but couldn't sleep so came back. I wanted to see if the girl was OK."

He said the girl, who was in a green blazer, looked as if she "didn't want the boy to come closer" before he stabbed her with a knife, which was "black, thin and about a foot long".

Her family rushed to the scene, but she died 50 minutes after the 8.30am stabbing.

The Sun has contacted eBay for comment.

Community leader Anthony King told ITV: "If you ever knew how petty the dispute was, and this girl's life has gone and we're having to console the children – they're devastated.

"The screaming and the crying that we had to deal with this morning – we shouldn't have to be burying our children."



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Pastor Lorraine Jones, who lost her son Dwayne Simpson to knife crime, called the situation a "state of emergency".

Speaking on Sky News, she said: "We need help so we can deal with those that are most vulnerable – otherwise all our lives are at risk."

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