'Scammer' cycles straight at a stationary taxi

The worst crash for cash ever? ‘Scammer’ cycles straight at a stationary taxi and then slams himself against its bonnet yelling out in ‘pain’

  • Cyclist rides towards taxi as it stops at junction on residential street in Dublin
  • The cyclist slams himself against the bonnet of car before yelling out in pain  
  • He then takes a picture of the car on his mobile phone before riding away 

This is the shocking moment a cyclist throws himself onto the bonnet of a taxi in an apparent effort to claim compensation for an accident. 

Dash-cam footage, captured on a residential street in The Liberties area of Dublin, shows the cyclist ride towards the vehicle before slamming himself against the bonnet.

The cyclist then gestures towards the driver in anger before taking out his mobile phone and taking a photo of the taxi’s details.  

The cyclist wobbles on his bike before throwing himself on the taxi bonnet on a residential street in The Liberties area of Dublin

The taxi remains stationary at the junction on the street as the cyclist moves towards the car

During the clip, which was filmed on October 1, the driver approaches a junction when the cyclist begins to head towards the vehicle.

As the car waits at the yellow hatched markings, the cyclist begins to wobble on his bike and throws himself onto the bonnet.

He then slides off the bonnet and yells out in apparent ‘pain’ before getting to his feet unscathed and gesturing to the driver. 

A woman inside the taxi begins to shout at the cyclist: ‘He’s acting the b*****, you’re acting the b*****!’  

Moments later, the cyclist takes out his phone to take a picture of the vehicle’s details as the woman shouts again.

Following the scenes, social media users slammed the cyclist for trying to scam money from the driver, with one person calling the incident ‘outrageous’.  

One user said: ‘Where was that? Outrageous and I hope he gets nicked and they check for similar false claims.’

The man hits the front of the car and slides off it as a woman from inside the car begins to shout at him

The cyclist angrily takes out his phone and begins to take a picture of the vehicle’s details

Social media users slammed the cyclist for trying to scam money from the driver for the fake accident

Another added: ‘Calling him a cyclist is an insult to cyclists. He’s a scammer/criminal, using a bike. (He’s also other things, which the passenger in the car so eloquently called him)’ 

Another person commented: ‘This is not a cyclist. This is a person using a bike for fraud.’ 

And one Twitter user added: ‘He should be charged.’ 

Elsewhere, another user said the incident proved why it was important cars be fitted with dash-cams and said: ‘All vehicles should be fitted with four cameras. Forward, rear and both sides. End of problem.’ 

A Garda spokeswoman said: ‘There are no reported incidents on our records that would reflect this incident.’

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