Russian sushi chain APOLOGISES for black man in advert after abuse

Russian sushi chain APOLOGISES for advert featuring a black man surrounded by white women after it sparks barrage of threats and abuse

  • YobiDoyobi, based in Krasnoyarsk, in Siberia, used picture on their social media  
  • Co-founder Konstantin Zimen said brand was targeted by nationalist movement
  • Business removed advert on Saturday and published an apology to customers 

A Russian sushi chain has publicly apologised for their advert which features a black man surrounded by white women after it sparks barrage of threats and abuse. 

The chain, YobiDoyobi, based in Krasnoyarsk, in Siberia, featured a black man in a social media campaign on August 14, sparking abuse from an ultra-nationalist hate group.

The advertisement showed a photograph of the man surrounded by three young white women eating sushi.    

Russian sushi chain YobiDoyobi has publicly apologized for featuring a black man in an advert after its owner received death threats

Yobidoyobi co-founder Konstantin Zimen said he and his business received threats and abuse following the picture, according to The Moscow Times. 

He said Vladislav Pozdnyakov, the leader of the ‘Male State’ nationalist anti-woman movement, shared the ad on social media and is targeting the delivery service with negative reviews.

He said: ‘Pozdnyakov’s followers advocated for “real actions” against our brand. They are publishing the social media profiles of the women that took part in the advertisement and are writing negative reviews on all review sites, online maps, App Store, Google Play.’

While the business initially said it would not give in to pressure, it removed the advert on Saturday and published an apology on its social media accounts.

This comes after health food chain VkusVill sparked fury after deleting an advert featuring a lesbian family and then apologising for their ‘mistake’ 

‘On behalf of the entire company, we want to apologize for offending the public with our photos. We have removed all the content that caused this commotion,’ it said on Instagram. 

This comes after a Russian food firm sparked fury after deleting an advert featuring a lesbian family and then apologising for their ‘mistake’.

Health food chain VkusVill won initial plaudits for defying the Kremlin’s anti-LGBT laws which ban spreading gay ‘propaganda’ to children.

The advert was run on its website and showed four women sitting together at the dining table with the slogan: ‘Recipes for family happiness.’

The image of the lesbian family was replaced with another of a straight couple with their three children

But VkusVill’s marketing strategy backfired spectacularly when it removed the image and posted an apology for offending its customers and clients.

It said on Instagram: ‘There was an article here that hurt the feelings of many of our customers, staff, partners and suppliers. We regret that this has happened, and we consider this publication to be our mistake, a manifestation of the unprofessionalism of certain employees.’    

They replaced the family group – mother Yuma, daughters Mila and Alina, and Alina’s girlfriend Ksyusha – with one of a conventional family under the same slogan.

VkusVill’s U-turn sparked fury online, with many saying they had thrown the women – who are a real lesbian family and not actors – under the bus.

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