Portland beating suspect Marquise Love has a long rap sheet with arrests for domestic violence and harassment

PORTLAND beating suspect Marquise Love has a long rap sheet – with arrests for domestic violence and harassment, reports say.

Black Lives Matter demonstrator Love, 25, is still at large after he was accused of pummeling Adam Haner on Sunday in a vicious attack.

The horrific incident was filmed and Haner said people had called him a "white supremacist" and "wouldn't let" him get up.

Witnesses and cops said Haner stopped a transgender woman from being mugged by the mob.

News of his lengthy rap sheet comes as:

  • Portland protesters set an office building on fire and threw rocks during a Black Lives Matter demonstration
  • Demonstrators threw paint bombs at cops wearing riot gear before they were hit by tear gas in Portland
  • Proud Boys and Antifa protesters brawled as the extremist groups violently clashed in Michigan
  • A Portland district attorney said protesters won't face charges for rioting, trespassing, and harassment
  • BLM protesters in Washington DC banged pots and pans while marching through Georgetown to wake residents up

Portland police have made several attempts to reach Love – aka "Keese Love" –  which have not been successful.

Cops said they have probable cause for his arrest.

Haner's alleged attacker Love has an extensive criminal past.

He's been arrested in Washington County, Oregon seven times since 2012, the New York Post reported.

In 2017, he was arrested for domestic assault and domestic harassment but he wasn't persecuted over the charges.

In 2016, he was booked for providing false information about a firearm transfer, domestic assault, and criminal trespass.

Love also has arrests in other counties throughout the state.

He was convicted in Clatsop County in 2016 for driving without a valid driver's license and without insurance.

In 2014, he was also hit with a probation violation charge in an unrelated case.

He was arrested in 2012 for second-degree theft and also, interfering with public transportation and criminal trespass.

He pleaded guilty to the public transportation charge, according to the newspaper but the criminal trespass charge was dismissed.

The Post noted that the ex-security had amassed significant unpaid fines and had been arrested on several other occasions.

Last Sunday, Haner was allegedly pulled from his truck and beaten unconscious by BLM protesters, who claimed he had been trying to run them over.

Haner was driving a pickup truck near protesters in Portland, Oregon, and crashed it into a sidewalk in the downtown area on Sunday night.

Haner said he was pulled from his car before Love allegedly punched and kicked him in the head.

Graphic video posted to Twitter shows a group of protesters throwing the Haner to the ground before one violently kicks him in the head, which appears to knock him unconscious.

Other video shows medics tending to the injured truck driver, who can be seen bleeding from the head.

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