Phoebe the playful boxer dog shows off her hilarious skating skills

Prancing on ice! Phoebe the playful boxer dog shows off her hilarious skating skills

  • A boxer dog, called Phoebe, practiced her ice skating skills in Aurora, Colorado 
  • In footage taken on December 5, the dog pushes block of ice across the ground 
  • She extends her front legs and head elegantly and glides across the concrete 

This is the adorable moment a boxer dog practices her ice skating skills by pushing a block along with her front paws.

Phoebe the boxer dog was pushing a block of ice with her paws in Aurora, Colorado, on December 5.

Footage shows the playful dog gliding across the concrete with her front legs extended.   

Playful boxer dog Phoebe pushes a block of ice around the ground with her front paws in Aurora, Colorado, on December 5 

She lifts her head up tall in an elegant pose before running with the frozen chunk. 

Her owner asks: ‘Are you ready to show off?’ Before placing the piece of broken ice in front of her. 

The dog bounces excitedly before jumping at the ice with her front paws a few times.

She then extends her front legs out before gliding away down the street and coming to a stop at more ice piled at the side of the path.   

Her owner said: ‘When we take our silly boxer Phoebe out for a walk she always looks for the perfect chunk of ice to practice her ice skating skills. 

‘Maybe the next Olympic sport?’ 

Phoebe’s tricks were impressive, but they were not up to the skills set of Benny the golden Labrador retriever who is an ice skating pro. 

He has been learning how to skate and now goes training once every two weeks and is learning an array of tricks including turns and bunny hops.

Benny scrambles around the rink in tailor-made skates with his own hockey stick and personal puck which he pucks up with his teeth. 

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