Pets have their FEELINGS protected by new law in Queen’s Speech

PETS are to have their feelings protected by a new law, announced today in the Queen's Speech.

The Animal Sentience Bill will give animals "with a backbone" the "right" feel happiness, as well as suffering and pain.

It forms part of the government's plan to help improve "the highest standards of animal welfare" in the UK.

The Bill will increase protection for all pets, sporting and farm animals.

Battery cages for laying hens will be banned, as well as sow stalls and veal crates, and CCTV will be installed in all slaughterhouses in England.

It will also end the export of live animals for fattening and slaughter, bring in more effective powers to tackle live stock worrying, and improve standards in zoos.

The new rules, set out by the monarch, 95, at today's State Opening of Parliament, will "eradicate cruel practices" and strengthen the penalties for those who abuse animals.

Maximum sentences will increase from six months to five years under the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Act 2021.

As well as the sentience bill, an Animals Abroad Bill will be introduced to ban the import of hunting trophies from endangered animals abroad.

Low welfare experiences abroad for sale will also cease to be advertised in the UK.

And the world's toughest ban on dealing in elephant ivory will be implemented, alongside further steps to limit the trade and sale of foie gras.

A Kept Animals Bill will prevent animal exports and prohibit Brits keep primates as pets.

All three measures "take advantage of our status as an independent nation outside the EU and "eradicate cruel practices".

Ministers also want to crack down on pet theft by getting all 10 million cats in the UK microchipped.

Cat owners may have to chip their furry friends or face a £500 fine to stem a growing black market in stolen pets.

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