Online critics slam Aunt Jemima’s new name Pearl Milling Company

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Aunt Jemima’s new name, Pearl Milling Company, is getting battered online for sounding like an unappetizing “gravel mining company” or “a James Bond villain.”

The unsavory reviews are pouring in from Twitter, with some breakfast buffs threatening to switch to Pearl Milling’s competitors, Mrs. Butterworth’s or Log Cabin, over the revamp.

“I think it sounds like a gravel mining company,” lawyer Michelle Rozovics wrote.

Another said Pearl Milling Company sounded like “something owned by a James Bond Villain.”

Meanwhile, one critic noted, “Pearl Milling Company? Sounds like a generic house brand for Dollar General.”

Some even vowed to boycott the brand altogether.

“Sadly I would never recognize it and will probably go to Log Cabin,” one person said.

“they really changed the name of Aunt Jemima syrup to Pearl Milling Company?!” another user wrote. “Like they really couldn’t think of a better name than that?! I’m sticking with Mrs. Butterworth’s from now on bc she thicc & rich, also doesn’t have a dumbass name.”

On Tuesday, the Aunt Jemima brand announced it was changing its name to Pearl Milling Company after facing fierce backlash for basing its iconic syrup mascot on a “racial stereotype.”

The logo was originally inspired by the 19th century “mammy” minstrel character, a black woman who was content to serve her white masters.

Pearl Milling Company is a nod to the small mill in Missouri that produced the self-rising pancake mix later known as Aunt Jemima in 1889.

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