Oldham rapist Adam Howard, 29, jailed for 12 years

Gate-crasher, 29, who hid inside 21-year-old woman’s home and raped her for revenge after she tried to throw him out of her house party is jailed for 12 years

  • Adam Howard, 29, attempted to befriend his 21-year-old victim using Facebook
  • He arrived at the woman’s home unannounced and tried to get into her party
  • Instead of leaving the house, Howard hid himself and attacked the woman 
  • Howard was jailed for 12 years for the ‘planned and predatory’ attack

A gate-crasher has been branded a ‘monster’ after he hid inside a woman’s home and then raped her as revenge for her throwing him out of a house party.

Adam Howard, 29, had been told to leave the victim’s property after turning up uninvited – but instead he sneaked into a side room and waited for guests to leave.

After the party ended Howard then watched the 21 year old victim go upstairs to bed before ambushing her in the bathroom. As she screamed for help, he then forced himself on the woman in her mother’s bedroom and punched her and bit on her shoulder when he tried to resist. He eventually fled the property and was arrested later.

Inquiries revealed the woman, a mother of one, who cannot be named had repeatedly rebuffed Howard’s friend requests on Facebook. He had 23 previous offences on his record including violence against lone women in their own homes.

Adam Howard, 29, pictured, attempted to befriend his 19-year-old victim over Facebook. He was described as a ‘monster’ at Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester

Howard, from Moorside, Oldham went to the woman’s house when she was throwing a party and failed to leave when he was asked. He hid and attacked the woman when she was on her own

Judge John Potter condemned Howard’s actions saying the rapist had degraded his victim 

In a statement the victim said: ‘I was raped on my home by a stranger and I don’t want to be on my own anymore and have to be with my mum all the time.

‘I was just so scared when he did what he did to me. What he did was unforgiveable. He took from me something I will never get back as he violated me like a monster.

‘I have tried to put what happened at the back of my mind and forget about it but it just comes back and haunts me. I do hope that one day I will be ok but I honestly think I will never get over this.’

At Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, Howard was jailed for 12 years after being convicted of rape and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. He will serve at least eight years and will be on licence until 2037 under the terms of an extended sentence. 

The incident occurred after Howard, from Moorside, Oldham, had sent friend requests to the woman via Facebook but she did not respond. She later threw a house party and had friends round while her mother was out for the evening.

At a sentencing hearing, Judge John Potter told Howard: ‘You had gone to that home at the invitation of another approximately an hour before. You had never met your victim before and you had sent her friend requests online which she had ignored.

‘When you arrived at the address, your victim became upset that you were present as she hardly knew you and she had rejected your friends requests. You were asked to leave but you then pretended to do so.’

Judge Potter praised Howard’s victim saying she had shown ‘remarkable courage’ for giving evidence against the rapist

Judge Potter said Howard ‘brutally raped’ his victim and subjected her to ‘degradation by biting her on the shoulder’. 

He said at the time of the ‘planned and predatory’ attack the woman was ‘drunk and vulnerable’  

Judge Potter praised the woman saying she had shown ‘remarkable courage’ in giving evidence.  

The court heard the vicious rape left the woman with bruising across her body including her shoulder, back, arms and legs. Howard left the home 56 minutes after he had first arrived and the victim reported the attack to the police.

He handed himself in and in a prepared statement he said that he had consensual sex with the woman and ‘blamed’ the victim. Howard was found guilty in a trial in October. He was also ordered to sign the Sex offender Register for life and was banned from contacting the woman indefinitely under the terms of a restraining order.

After the case Detective Constable Kate Dawson, of Greater Manchester Police said: ‘The victim was not only sexually assaulted, but she was also punched and covered in bruises.

‘The impact of Howard’s predatory and wicked actions will be something she will have to live with for the rest of her life. While justice may have been served, today’s sentence will sadly never take away from the pain he put her through.’

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