Nick Cannon says Kanye has his vote for president and ‘cancel culture’ should be ‘counsel culture’

NICK Cannon has backed Kanye West for the 2020 presidential election as the musician fights to try and get on the ballot.

The TV host and comedian also said he wanted "cancel culture" to be "counsel culture" as he lost his job after he was accused of antisemitism.

Cannon was speaking as he walked through LAX wearing a mask on Friday when he was met by a reporter from TMZ.

Quizzed about Kanye running to be President, he said "I love it" and said with a laugh he was going to vote for him.

"We need another black man in office," Cannon added.

The reporter then tells him "he can't win, if you vote for him you may as well vote for Trump".

He went on: "You never know…stranger things are happening in 2020."

Cannon also said he is "not sure" whether West will take votes from Joe Biden as the Democrat seeks to unseat Donald Trump.

He was also asked about "cancel culture" – a form of shaming when people are encouraged to force an individual out of social and professional circles.

The 39-year-old replied: "Cancel culture should be counsel culture."

Cannon was fired by ViacomCBS for antisemitic comments as the network said that it did condone "racism and bigotry".

Nick came under fire after he interviewed Professor Griff on his podcast Cannon's Class, the rapper was previously part of Public Enemy before leaving the group after he made antisemitic remarks.

During the podcast, Cannon said black people are the "true Hebrews" and discussed antisemitic conspiracy theories that involve the Rothschild family – a common antisemitic trope.

He said: "It’s never hate speech, you can’t be antisemitic when we are the Semitic people.

"When we are the same people who they want to be. That’s our birthright. We are the true Hebrews."

Nick had worked with Viacom since he starred on Nickelodeon's All That in 1998 – and had hosted the MTV and VH1 sketch comedy show Wild 'n Out since 2005.

In the lengthy post, Cannon said he welcomed being held accountable for his statement and that he held himself accountable “for this moment and take full responsibility."

He has since been trying to educate himself, reading books on the subject and even meeting with a rabbi on Cannon's Class.

Meanwhile, Kanye is steaming ahead with his presidential bid amid reports his marriage to Kim Kardashian may be "over by Christmas".

The couple are currently on a make or break trip to the Dominican Republic "in hopes of saving their marriage".

Kanye has started tweetingwith a post about his "2020 Vision" following a string of messages last month in which he claimed he had been trying to divorce Kim.

He tweeted: "Thank you God and mom and dad for letting me live", and "THE GOAL IS TO WIN".

Kim and Kanye's marital problems became public knowledge after the rapper shared private details of their life during his presidential rally in July.

His speech included the claim that they considered aborting his oldest daughter North, now 5.

Kanye wept: "I almost killed my daughter."

An insider told The Sun: "Kim thought that time away with the kids would remind him of his most important job – being their dad.

She even offered to fully support a 2024 run for president if he got help and listened to the political consultants they hired.

"But Kanye seems set on what he calls 'God's plan' – that he becomes president. He's saying it's a higher calling.

"None of their friends can see the marriage lasting more than a couple of months if he ignores Kim and her requests and just goes ahead with what he wants, even if it upsets her.

"Nobody would be surprised, or blame her, if she quietly ended things by Christmas."

It was reported that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was said to be "torn" over divorcing Kanye throughout the past few weeks.

Sources said that Kim has "tried everything" to fix the marriage and that her kids are the priority.

Kim was seen crying in the car with Kanye last week after the rapper apologized for divulging personal details about their marriage.

West’s behavior is unpredictable at times as he suffers from manic and depressive episodes related to his bipolar disorder, which he was diagnosed with in 2018.

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