Newborn baby mauled to death by 'jealous' family dog who 'leapt over pen that was too low', says heartbroken uncle

A DOG that mauled a newborn baby to death may have attacked after leaping from its "too low" pen because it was "jealous", a devastated relative claimed today.

Twelve-day-old baby boy Elon was rushed to hospital after Chow Chow-cross Teddy escaped from a garden pen and savaged him on Sunday but sadly he couldn't be saved.

His mum Abigail Ellis, 27, was arrested alongside fiance Stephen Joynes, 35, on suspicion of gross negligence manslaughter.

They have since been released on bail.

The baby's heartbroken uncle revealed today that the dog has been destroyed.

And he feared it may have attacked the infant in its Moses basket after escaping from its garden pen as it was " jealous" or thought the tot was a toy.


Ellis's brother told MailOnline said: "It’s your worst nightmare. She was upstairs on the toilet and Steve and my sister’s young lad were in the garden.

"The dog was in the pen and he suddenly jumped over the top and got free and went through the open door into a room downstairs where the baby was in a Moses basket.

"Then it attacked him. He may have thought it was a toy or a doll.

"I don’t know the full details because they’re too upset to talk about it. But the dog had never been any trouble before.

"It had been living there for some time. It was Steve’s daughter’s dog and when he split up with his partner she didn’t want to keep it so my sister took it on.

"It was a big softie called Teddy and all the kids and adults cuddled it. Police have destroyed it now so that’s another loss."

And he said the dog pen the animal escaped from was"much too low for him".

He added: "he’s a big dog about three foot tall and they were making it higher.

"He didn’t live in the house he lived in the pen. He was shuttered in.’


Ellis had posted a comment on a photo of the adorable baby boy just 11 days before he died, saying: "Our gorgeous baby boy. Love him to bits".

She also added a touching photo on Facebook of her with the tiny baby in her hospital bed and another with his three siblings.

And in August, Ellis posted excitedly about the imminent arrival of her baby boy.

She said: "Get ready for our little boy to make his appearance any time soon.

"He's head down, engaged and ready. But when he will come is the big question!!"

New dad Joynes uploaded a photo of Elon – saying he "couldn't be more chuffed" with the new arrival.

One of Ellis' pals revealed today how Elon's death is the third tragedy to hit the family.

Joel – the father of Ellis' three other children – died just last year from sepsis aged just 28 and her dad Richard died in 2013.

The friend, who didn't want to be named, told The Sun: "Her partner Joel died 18 months ago. They were planning a wedding but it never happened.

"She’s never had it easy but she met Stephen and fell pregnant and saw this as a fresh start.

"She felt guilty about getting into a new relationship because she and Joel had been childhood sweethearts.

"But baby Elon was her ray of hope amid the tragedy."

Emergency crews were scrambled to the home on Sunday afternoon after he was attacked by the family dog.

The dog is understood to be one of three living at the family home but was kept outside in a kennel.

But Ellis' brother Keith claims the pooch jumped out the pen before attacking the baby.

He said: "She has been through so much, she needs time to grieve.

"The dog wasn't in the house at the time, it was being kept in a pen in the garden.

"He was such a big fluffy dog, he was like a teddy bear. His name was even Teddy.

"You just wouldn't expect it to do anything like that.

"He's a big soft dog."

Horrified neighbours claimed the animal was strong enough to drag three police officers into the road as they desperately tried to remove it from the home.

Local Sally Hooley said: “I drove by as the police were removing the dog.

“It was a big fluffy golden thing. It didn’t look like a dangerous breed.

“But police were struggling  to get it into the dog van.

"It was strong enough to be dragging three officers into the road.” 

Locals have now expressed their heartache at the tragedy as they spoke out her ex partner's death.

One burst into tears as she said: "She was a brilliant mum but her whole life fell apart when he died.

"She lost everything."

While another said: "It is heartbreaking, it's a tragedy upon a tragedy."

Devastated Debbie Kitchen, who knows the family, said: "This was a tragic accident.

"RIP little man fly high with the angels."

It is not known if the dog – believed to be a crossbreed – has been destroyed.  

Friend Louise Scott wrote on Facebook: "Absolutely devastating news. 

"Two parents have just lost a child and three other children a brother in such terrible circumstances.

"Sleep tight little man."

A South Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: "On arrival at the property, emergency services discovered a 12-day-old baby boy had been bitten by a dog and suffered serious injuries."

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