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HOUSE Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a meltdown during a CNN interview on Tuesday evening, after Wolf Blitzer pushed her over the holdup of Trump's $1.8 trillion coronavirus relief package.

An impassioned Pelosi called Blitzer a "Republican apologist," claiming he had "no knowledge" of the details of such relief proposals.

The fiery exchange comes at a time when President Donald Trump has been pushing for a deadlock on relief proposals to come to an end.

On Tuesday, Blitzer pressed Pelosi on why she had not accepted a $1.8 trillion package that has been offered by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

The heated live segment left Pelosi fuming – as she claimed Blitzer didn't know what he was talking about.

Blitzer said: "[Americans] really need the money right now… even members of your own caucus, madam speaker, want to accept this deal."

The package is roughly $400 billion less than the relief package proposed by the House earlier this month.

Trump, taking to Twitter, claimed Capitol Hill Republicans should "go big" rather than the limited approach they've been advocating.

The host then pointed to Rep. Ro Khanna, a member of Pelosi's Democratic Party from California, who called Mnuchin's package "significant."

Khanna said in a tweet, "people in need can’t wait until February [for the next stimulus bill]."

But Pelosi hit back, saying: "I don’t know why you’re always an apologist — and many of your colleagues, apologists for the Republican position.

"Ro Khanna, that’s nice. That isn’t what we’re going to do. And nobody’s waiting until February."

Pelosi said that she had pushed back against the Republican-proposed relief package because child tax credits and earned income credits were "eliminated."

As the heated exchange continued, Blitzer asked, "Why not work out a deal with [President Trump] and don’t let the perfect, as they say here in Washington, be the enemy of the good?"

Pelosi responded: "Well I will not let the wrong be the enemy of the right."

The host then attempted on numerous occasions to wrap up the segment, only for the pair to continue trying to speak over each other to get in the last word on the topic.

In a roughly-50-second sign-off, Blitzer first said, "Madam speaker, these are incredibly difficult times right now and we’ll leave on that note."

Pelosi hit back: "No, we’ll leave it on the note that you’re not right on this, Wolf, and I hate to say that to you."

She added sarcastically, "Thank you for your sensitivity to our constituents’ needs,” before Blitzer responded, "I am sensitive to them because I see them on the street begging for food, begging for money."

Right before the cut to the commercial break, Pelosi then interjected, "Have you fed them? We feed them."


President Donald Trump on Friday offered a $1.8 trillion coronavirus relief package in talks with Pelosi after urging his team on Twitter to "go big."

This was closer to Pelosi's $2.2 trillion proposal.

However, the proposal was dismissed by Pelosi as inadequate.

In a letter to Democratic colleagues, she explained that the proposal lacked a "strategic plan to crush the virus."

She also said it gave President Trump too much power in deciding how the funds would be spent.

"This proposal amounted to one step forward, two steps back," Pelosi wrote.

Congress passed $3trillion in coronavirus aid in the spring, including help for the unemployed.

But both sides now believe that more aid is needed – despite the fact they can't come to an agreement.

On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Republican-led U.S. Senate would vote next week on a targeted $500 billion coronavirus economic aid bill – the type Democrats already have rejected.

With Election Day approaching and negotiations stalled, both Republicans and Democrats faced pressure to take action to help the Americans hit hard by the pandemic.

Tuesday's breakdown came a month after Pelosi was caught in a closed hair salon, breaking coronavirus restrictions by not wearing a face mask.

After the video of her salon trip went viral, the Democrat claimed she had fallen for "a set up."

She said: "I take responsibility for trusting the word of the neighborhood salon that I've been to over the years many times when they said we're able to accommodate people one person at a time.

"As it turns out, it was a setup. It was a set up, and I take responsibility for falling for a setup.

"I think that this salon owes me an apology, for setting me up."

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