Naked man ‘accidentally’ flashes his girlfriend’s MOM during TikTok challenge – The Sun

THIS video shows the hilarious moment a man "accidentally" flashes his girlfriend's mom during a TikTok challenge.

The viral challenge dares people to surprise their partner by walking up to them naked.

Over the weekend, TikTok user @hxnkins shared a video of himself walking into his girlfriend's room after shower.

The clip, which has YMCA playing, begins with him walking out of the shower naked, with only his bare feet in view.

He walks through the bathroom and heads straight into his partner's room.

But as he walks into the room naked he finds his girlfriend cuddling with her mother on her bed.

His girlfriend laughs first but lets out an embarrassed shriek and covers her eyes while burying her head into her mom's shoulder.

The mother looks clearly shocked and can't stop gaping at her daughter's boyfriend.

The viral video ends with her staring at him with her hand over her mouth in shock.

The TikTok user captioned the video explaining how he was inspired by other videos he had seen on the app.

The challenge started with a women surprising their boyfriends and husbands by greeting them completely naked and filming their reactions.

Many of the videos are filmed while men are playing video games or working from home.

The cringe-worthy footage has been viewed more than 17.2million times and thousands of people have commented on the horrifying moment.

"Please, please, please do not tell me that was her mom,"one person wrote.

"It was," he replied.

One TikTok user joked: "She looks like she just seen Godzilla."

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