Mystery as man's body found INSIDE dinosaur statue after passerby reported horrific smell

THE body of a man has been found inside a huge dinosaur statue after a dad and his son reported a strange smell.

Cops in Barcelona are investigating exactly what happened with one theory being the man fell inside trying to retrieve his phone.

A father and his son, regular visitors of the area, alerted police around noon on Sunday after smelling the stench in their usual play area, La Vanguardia reports.

When the fire brigade and police peered inside a crack in the leg of the Stegosaurus they spotted the corpse.

They then use a saw to cut a hole in the papier-mache statue and extract the corpse using a crane.

The body corresponded to that of an unnamed 39-year-old man, whose family had reported him missing just hours before the corpse was found.

The Mossos d'Esquadra, responsible for law enforcement in Catalonia, believes he fell into the statue while trying to retrieve his mobile phone, or another similar item, which had fallen inside.

Local sources report that there were no signs of criminality in the man's death and that his body presented no signs of violence.

The force has opened an investigation to clarify the cause of death, which it hopes will be ascertained with the post-mortem, and to find out how the man ended up inside the statue.

The decorative statue has been removed from its place outside the city's Cubic Building, where it had been used to advertise an old cinema.

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