Moment violent brawl breaks out between strangers at petrol station

Shocking moment violent brawl erupts at petrol station after drunk thug makes crude jokes about rival’s mother and launches beer at his car

  • Men stand outside Salisbury petrol station swigging beer and yelling at stranger
  • When one hurls beer can at silver car, the driver gets out and starts fighting
  • Brawl spills into shop while other man chases one of the group off the forecourt 

This is the bizarre moment a violent fight dramatically breaks out between strangers trading insults at a petrol station.

In the clip, an inebriated man asks for a lift from a stranger before making crude jokes about his mother and then hurls beer cans at his car.

This enrages the motorist who furiously leaves his vehicle to throw a blistering punch at the man which sends him flying backwards crashing into the petrol station newspaper stand.

The incident was filmed at BP petrol station in Wilton Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire over the weekend.

It is unknown who filmed the clip however the footage has been circulating online since yesterday.

The video begins with the loud-mouthed man – who is swigging beers outside the petrol station – drunkenly asking the random driver for a lift to the Heath.

A violent brawl broke out between men at a BP in Salisbury after a man hurled a beer can at a stranger’s car when he was told he would have to pay £50 if he wanted a lift to the heath

The drunk man asks the driver: ‘Can I have a lift to the Heath or not?’

The motorist demands that he pays for the lift: ‘Fifty quid mate!’

The inebriated male and his masked mate laughs at this request and shouts back vulgar insults at the driver.

The pair mate yell at the motorist: ‘Fifty quid?! Up your mother’s pooch yeh.

‘I’ll give you 50 smashes! How bout that? How bout that? Are you mad or something?’

The drunk man in the grey sweater then hurls a beer can straight at the driver’s car.

This enrages the motorist who furiously leaves his vehicle and squares up to the inebriated male – shouting ‘Are you mad? Are you mad?’

The motorist then throws a savage punch directly at the drunk man which sends him flying backwards into the petrol station display stands.

The inebriated male throws a vicious blow back at the driver before fleeing into the petrol station store.

The other occupant of the vehicle also brawls with another of the inebriated group in Salisbury

The motorist then tussles and chases after the drunk man’s friend who runs away from the driver in fear.

The driver’s friend has also joined the fight and is filmed aggressively brawling and shoving the drunk man in anger.

The drunk man seems to regret his previous insults and pleads with the driver’s friend: ‘I only asked for a lift man! I only asked for a f**king lift’

The motorist is then seen running back to the cameraman and shouting at him to delete the footage.

He screams at the cameraman: ‘Put your phone away! Put your phone away! Delete that! Delete that right now!’ before the clip cuts to an end.

Wiltshire Police have been contacted for comment. 

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