Moment man threatens to expose himself on tube before spitting and kicking woman in a terrifying attack | The Sun

A DRUNK passenger threatened to expose himself when a woman refused to talk to him on the tube, shocking video shows.

The aggressive man told her "you can suck my d*ck" as he repeatedly undid his trouser strings before spitting at and kicking her.

He also called her a "f*cking b*tch", shouted "I don't give a f*ck about you"and said: "For you I can pay only 2p."

The incident started when he allegedly grabbed and yanked her leg after she refused to talk to him on her way home from work in the early hours last Saturday.

She told him: "Don't touch my leg." And he allegedly replied: "You're a dumb bitch anyway."

He then started cussing her and allegedly later told her to "go back to Pakistan or India or wherever I came from".


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She said: "It got quite heated. I wanted an apology. He was being very rude."

He later tried to kick them woman's face when he was sat opposite her on the Central Line.

And he kicked her in the leg as he was about to get off at Liverpool Street Station, Central London. He eventually left at Bethnal Green, East London.

Throughout the video a man, thought to be his friend, tried to hold him back from getting in the woman's face and covered his mouth.

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Another man told the victim he is out of his mind. She replied: "I don't give a sh*t. It doesn't mean he can start threatening women."

She added she was filming him for her own protection after he threatened to expose himself.

The woman warned him throughout to "get the f*ck out my face", to "f*ck off" and said there is "no excuse" for his actions.

Afterwards, she revealed she was shaken up and insisted she stayed quiet at first but accused him of harassing her either way.

She added: "This guy was with his friends. He was just drunk, laughing and talking. I laughed it off and smiled back.

"I was tired and wasn't in the mood to talk. He kept trying to make conversation. I was sat with my legs crossed.

"He decided to grab my leg quite aggressively and yank on it.

"I said to him 'don't touch my leg'. He just started swearing at me, saying 'you are a dumb bitch anyway'.

"He was going on and on and on. His friends tried to defend him and said he's drunk, just leave him alone."

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British Transport Police is investigating.

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