Mass coronavirus graves dug in Brazil as country is on the verge of being completely overwhelmed – The Sun

THOUSANDS of graves are being dug in Brazil as the country faces being overwhelmed amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Haunting photos from Sao Paulo's Cemitério de Vila Formosa, the largest cemetery in Latin America, show rows of the graves lying empty as the country's death toll nears 24,000.

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The cemetery has reported a 50 per cent increase in the number of burials on a year ago.

Brazil's outbreak is now second globally only to that in the United States, with more than 375,000 cases confirmed so far.

The country has faced shortages of medics, coffins, and graves, while the government is coming under increasing pressure over its handling of the crisis.

President Jair Bolsonaro in particular has faced criticism for referring to the virus as a "little flu" and attending rallies calling on state governors to end lockdown measures.

A poll this month by Datafolha found 45 per cent of people thought his handling was bad or terrible, while only 27 per cent thought it was good or excellent.

Speaking to CNN this week, Arthur Virgilio Neto, mayor of the city of Manaus, now the epicentre of the country's outbreak, said the president should consider his position.

"He has complicity with those deaths from corona[virus] in Brazil.

"I think he is co-responsible.

"Mr President Bolsonaro, please shut up and stay home. Resign, resign."


Pictures from Manaus, which is the largest city in the Amazon basin, showed critically ill patients on ventilators and health officials transferring coffins to a local morgue.

During an appearance on the streets of Brasilia over the weekend, Bolsonaro was branded a "killer" and "trash" by angry residents who leaned from their windows banging pots and pans.

He has also begun advocating the use of hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug touted by President Trump as a possible treatment for coronavirus.

Claims about the supposed efficacy of the drug have circulated since the beginning of the pandemic, but authorities such as the US government's Food and Drugs Administration have warned there is no evidence that it is safe or effective.

Earlier this month, Nelson Teich became the second trained doctor in a month to leave the post of health minister over disagreements about the handling of the virus.

Bolsonaro is also facing calls for his impeachment over alleged attempts to hamper federal police investigations into the activities of his allies.

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