Joe Biden shows 'superior power' with stern gestures while Boris Johnson tries 'Trump mode', says body language expert

JOE Biden showed his "superior power" off today with stern gestures at today's G7 meeting – while Boris Johnson tried out his "Trump mode", a body language expert said.

The PM and US President met for the first time as he flew into Cornwall for the G7 summit, where world leaders will gather in Britain for crunch talks tomorrow.

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The pair appeared comfortable with each other as they joked and chatted on the seafront this afternoon.

It came as:

  • Biden joked that the pair "married above their station" and the two were punching above their weight in their pick of partner
  • Carrie and Jill went for a paddle on the beach as their husbands talked politics – and baby Wilf watched as they had a splash
  • The new Mrs Johnson wore a stunning LK Bennett red dress and Zara shoes in support of the British high street
  • Jill Biden wore a jacket with the words 'love' on the back – in a departure from Melania Trump's 'I really don't care' raincoat
  • Biden jokes ‘I keep forgetting I’m president’ in awkward moment during UK trip after running on stage
  • Joe Biden gives rallying speech to US troops in Britain and says ‘I’ll tell Mr Putin what I want him to know’
  • The PM and Carrie had their first public outing as a married couple as they hit the world stage
  • An awkward clip appeared to show Boris nearly holding hands with Jill Biden instead

Judi James told The Sun that Biden attempted to buddy up and get close with a comforting hand on his shoulder – but one that showed "projection of superior power and a sense of paternal-looking control".

She said: "The old power techniques are always the best when it comes to political posturing and Biden’s friendly-looking shoulder-clamp gesture here is a ritual normally associated with the projection of superior power and a sense of paternal-looking control."

However, Boris was "submissive" to him, she added.

The PM had earlier said he doesn't disagree with the US President on anything – as he tried to play down a reported rift over the Northern Ireland agreement.

Judi said it was a throwback to the Blair-Brown days and even suggested the PM might be Biden's new "poodle".

Judi went on: "Boris’s response is to lower his head and clasp his hands behind his back in a more submissive manner.

"It was friendly but controlling-looking back, and shoulder-pats like this that created the term ‘Bush’s poodle’ years ago when the power-patting was coming from Bush and landing on Blair.

"It can be seen as a bit of a ‘sucker-punch’ in terms of political leaders wanting to look friendly but also dominant, often leading to a ‘who can get the last pat in’ volley as leaders vie to be the one left looking superior."

In pictures of the fab four walking along the seafront, Judi said the PM was using a powerplay trick by pointing.

She said: "There is a non-verbal trick used in political circles where, when you’re walking with another world leader and you want to stamp your authority on the pose for the cameras.

"You have to make sure you are the one doing the emphatic gesticulation, making it look as though you are the one talking with authority while the other leader listens.

"If you manage to get a pointed finger in on the pose, you also look directive as though you are ushering the other leaders around.

"And that is exactly what Boris has done here.

"Viewed from the front, this pose him in control, leaving the Bidens look rather rigid in his wake and Carrie dodging around at the back of the group."

The two world leaders had a frank discussion this afternoon while their other halves posed for photos.

Earlier a planned trip had to be called off thanks to the gloomy Cornwall weather.

Instead they stared out over the sea, with the President telling his British counterpart: "It's gorgeous, I don't want to go home."

The G7 meetings with other world leaders will start tomorrow.

Jill wore a jacket emblazoned with the word "love", and said: "Well, I think that we're bringing love from America."

They all strolled along the beach at Carbis Bay, with the President telling his British counterpart: "It's gorgeous, I don't want to go home."

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