ISIS running chilling online training camps with bomb-making classes as fears grow of chemical or nuclear attack on UK

ISIS State has been running online virtual training camps amid fears that it is rapidly growing in strength.

The resurge of the jihadi maniacs comes as the government warns terrorists are poised to launch a successful chemical, biological or nuclear attack on Britain in the next nine years.

The Sun Online has seen videos on Tam Tam, a Russian social media platform that has become a favourite of ISIS since the Jihadis were kicked off Telegram.

Our investigation discovered that the jihadists have resumed recruiting new fighters in a series of private groups.

One of them is even offering a series of terrorism guides and manuals, including step-by-step guides to bomb-making.

Security experts fear the group is mounting a resurgence with an estimated 10,000 fighters ramping up attacks in Syria and Iraq with the RAF now attacking targets.

ISIS successfully used social media to persuade thousands of jihadists to fight with the group in Syria and Iraq to establish a rogue state governed by hardline Islamic sharia law.

It was, however, effectively defeated March 2019 after losing 95 per cent of its territory in a year due to a military surge by Kurdish militia forces backed by the UK and US.

But it can be revealed that the bloodthirsty terrorists are once again recruiting and distributing anti-western propaganda but using encrypted chat apps to work around bans by tech giants Twitter and Facebook.

The official ISIS jihad training group included a complete 216-page illustrated terror manual for “the novice jihad fighter”.

Fanatics were also urged to download an instructional video showing how to make a one-shot pen-type gun for assassinations at close quarter or personal protection.

The cyber network includes groups that are devoted to recruiting and supporting women from western countries who want to participate in jihad.

One contained Islamic reminders, including a post that urged the reader not to shy away from proclaiming jihadist beliefs.

Another included a propaganda video featuring ISIS women and praising them for keeping their faith after being taken to prison camps following the demise of the Caliphate.

Official images posted by terror group leaders on an invitation-only social media group showed a huge armoured personnel carrier that had been captured during fighting.

Propaganda channels are once more issuing claims of responsibility for attacks including gruesome videos of firefights and dead bodies.

Others detailed assaults in Deir Ezzor and Diyala province in eastern Iraq, as well as attacks against Shia militia forces to the north of the capital Baghdad.

Recent claims include attacks close to Jalalabad in Afghanistan and near Ghani Khel in western Nangarhar province.

Last year it was sleeper cells have regrouped under new leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Quraishi and were taking advantage of outbreaks of Covid-19 in the region.

ISIS was reported to have established control of territory in the desert around 15 miles from the centre of the town of Deir Ezzor, the first land it has held since the end of the Caliphate.

The so-called “tempo” of attacks in Baghdad by ISIS is seen as a measure of the strength of Islamic State forces.

Across the globe ISIS activities have been on the rise across the globe, from Africa to the Philippines.

US special forces are to be deployed to Mozambique after aligned with the vile death cultturned football pitches into execution grounds and beheaded children in front of their parents.

ISIS is also particularly active in West Africa and there are reports that senior leaders have re-based themselves in the region to train insurgents with techniques learned in Syria and Iraq.

They also claimed responsibility for the sickening bombings in Sri Lanka which killed 321 people on Easter Sunday.

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