Influencer slammed for asking fans which one of her FOUR Porches she should drive as people ‘starve’

AN influencer has been slammed for asking fans which one of her four Porches she should drive as people "struggle" to provide for their kids.

Millionaire Yana Rudkovskaya, from Russia, felt the wrath of social media after flaunting her wealth in a video and dusting off her four luxury cars.

In the clip, the 46-year-old was seen walking around her Porsche 718 Cayman S, Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet, Porsche Panamera GTS and Porsche Cayenne.

Preparing for an event the next day, the music producer asked her fans: “Would you help me to choose a car for tomorrow’s MuzTV awards?”

She urged her five million subscribers to vote but was hit by a barrage of criticism. 

“Why show off like this? We struggle to buy medicines for kids,” said one comment.

“Good for you to be this rich, but why do you keep boasting about it?,” asked another. 

A third user told her: “Take a broom, that should work!”

Another critic said: “The amount of vulgarity is overwhelming.” 

One asked: ’Don’t you have something else to boast about?’ 

Another comment read: "Why not spend your time helping people in need?"

Others suggested Rudkovskaya “ride a bike” to the awards show.

The video came as falling incomes and rising food prices across Russia contribute to one in seven Russians living below the poverty line.

Recent price rises prompted the Kremlin to cap the domestic cost of staple goods such as sugar and flour, the country’s economy minister said.

Moscow officials said the moves were necessary to compensate for years of falling incomes, which had made essential goods unaffordable for many.

Rudkovskaya did not reply to the barrage of criticism directed at her video, however did not reveal which Porsche she used to go to the music awards. 

The influencer is married to figure skating champion and trainer Evgeny Plushenko, with whom she has two children. 

She is reportedly grooming her eight-year-old son Alexander ‘Sasha’ Plushenko to be the 'best skater on the planet’.

A staunch Vladimir Putin supporter, she unveiled Sasha as a fashion model before his first birthday, and he debuted on the ice in his nappies. 

Two years ago she faced criticism after admitting the couple used the belt to beat the boy, who was also forced to sit in a dark room.

His mother said this was punishment “when he behaves the wrong way with his nanny” or other children.

“Don’t take pity on a child if you want to be the best on the planet.”

She has repeatedly denied putting too much pressure on the boy, who was expected to earn enough to pay for his nany, driver, coaches and security guards. 

“I do not see anything wrong with this,” she said. 

“Every person has their own methods of raising children and how to live.”

The couple’s other son Arseny was born last year to a surrogate mother. 

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