How much is a gold tomahawk steak in Nusr-et's Saudi Arabia restaurant?

CELEBRITY chef Salt Bae has revealed he's leaving London to set up his 28th restaurant in Saudi Arabia.

Often seen posing with the rich and famous, Salt Bae, whose real name is Nusret Gökçe, is often seen flamboyantly cutting up expensive steaks and garnishing with his signature sprinkle.

What is on the menu at Nusr-et's Saudi Arabia restaurant?

Bringing his signature Nusr-Et steakhouse to Riyadh’s U-Walk complex, the celebrity chef shared shots from both inside and outside the restaurant on Instagram ahead of its opening on Monday November 15.

He posted a video of himself preparing cuts of meat saying: "Getting ready for tomorrow I'm so excited my 28th baby is coming into the world tomorrow".

Here's a glimpse at some of the cuts available to eat at Nusr-et's new restaurant:

  • Dallas Steak
  • Nusr-et Steak
  • New York Steak
  • Tuscana
  • Tomahawk
  • Dallas Steak with Mustard Sauce

Nusr-et is famed for its steaks, but it also serves a variety of other meat dishes, as well as sides and desserts.

The menu is divided up into sections, including salads, steaks, beef fillet, lamb, burgers, meatballs and sucuk – a Turkish fermented sausage.

Other unusual items on offer include onion flower, mashed croquet, a spoon salad and heart-shaped meatballs.

How much does it cost to eat at Nusr-et Riyadh?

When you go to eat at Nusr-et's restaurant, be prepared to spend a little bit more than usual.

At Nusr-et's Knightsbridge restaurant, dishes range from £17 all the way up to an obscene £1,450.

Some of the restaurant's specials include a Golden Burger for £100, a Golden Giant Tomahwak steak for £1,450, Golden Giant Striplion for £1,350 and Golden Kafes for £500.

And the desserts, which include a sorbet, ice cream and baklava, average £25 a pop.

Even the soft drinks are expensive, with a single Coca Cola reportedly costing £9 and a Red Bull at £11.

How much is a gold tomahawk steak at Nusr-et Riyadh?

While the prices aren't available to view, many will inevitably expect to see the gold-coated tomahawk Wagyu steak come at a hefty price.

After the opening of Nusr-et's Knightsbridge restaurant last month, social media has been recoiling at what many see as incredibly inflated prices.

The gold tomahawk steak, served in edible gold leaf, comes at a whopping £1,450.

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