How do the latest coronavirus restrictions work in Victoria?

Victoria has entered a “short, sharp” lockdown that will last for five days from 11.59pm on Friday.

As with other lockdowns, people will be asking questions about what the new rules are and how they apply in certain scenarios.

We will do our best to answer some of those questions, based on the information that the authorities have provided.

Please check back as this story will be updated to reflect new information.

Premier Daniel Andrews addresses the media.Credit:Nine News

What is an essential worker?

Working from home is back for everyone who is not an essential worker.

A full list has been provided online, however the stage four definition of essential workers will apply again.

Why do these rules apply to regional Victoria?

The premier addressed this at this press conference, saying that he didn’t want the COVID-19 variant to spread from Melbourne to regional Victoria.

He also said there wouldn’t be enough time to set up a “ring of steel” checkpoint on the metropolitan boundary for a short lockdown.

“I know the first reaction may well be, ‘well, we have no cases. Why are you doing this?’,” Mr Andrews said.

“If the rules are softer in regional Victoria, then people from Melbourne and potentially bringing the virus with them, they will travel to regional Victoria. It’s just logic.

“Ring of steel is not something you can set up if one day. It takes time. You would barely have it set out and you would be dismantling again. I do understand. This will be challenging. But I’m about keeping the virus out of regional Victoria.”

Will people be fined?

Yes, people can be fined for breaching COVID-19 restrictions. Victoria Police can issue on-the-spot fines of up to $1,652 for individuals and up to $9,913 for businesses.

“If people don’t follow the rules, then that will be a selfish thing to do. I hope it doesn’t come to that,” Mr Andrews said.

“But Victoria Police will be there for anybody who thinks that they’ve got the right to not follow these rules.”

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