Horrifying story of sicko woman dubbed the ‘morgue rat’ who sexually assaulted 40 corpses in their coffins

A PERVERTED woman who called herself the “morgue rat” had sex with 40 dead bodies in their coffins. 

Karen Greenlee, a 23-year-old apprentice embalmer, was caught after she stole a hearse carrying the body of a dead man from her workplace.

The necrophiliac arrived at the funeral home in Sacramento, California, crematorium in the hearse with the corpse as she should have done.

But when Greenlee saw the grieving family of John Mecure, 33, she carried out a U-turn with his body still in the back.

Police caught up with her soon after.

When cops eventually caught up with her, she overdosed on a fistful of paracetamols and codeine.

After having her stomach pumped, she survived.

When Greenlee attempted to kill herself, she wrote a four-and-a-half page letter listing the 40 dead men that she had sex because of her necrophilia “addiction”.

Amazingly, necrophilia was not illegal in California at the time of her bust on December 17, 1979.

But the pervert faced charges of theft of a hearse and interfering with a funeral and was fined $255 (£190) fine and spent 11 days in jail.

John Mercure’s mum Marian Gonzales then sued her for $1 million.

During her court appearance, Greenlee admitted to climbing into the coffins at her workplace to sexually assault corpses.

It emerged she lived in an apartment attached to the mortuary and she creeped next door when drinking heavily. 

In a 1987 interview called The Unrepentant Necrophile, she detailed her warped sex life with dead, describing herself as a “morgue rat” who found the smell of death erotic. 

She said: “People have this misconception that there has to be penetration for sexual gratification, which is bull.

“The most sensitive part of a woman is the front area anyway and that is what needs to be stimulated. Besides, there are different aspects of sexual expression: touchy-feely, 69, even holding hands.

“That body is just laying there, but it has what it takes to make me happy.

“The cold, the aura of death, the smell of death, the funereal surroundings, it all contributes.”

But despite public revulsion, she did not believe what she had done was wrong and had no plans to stop because she “accepted myself and realised that’s just me”.

Greenlee's current whereabouts is unknown, but it is believed that she changed her name and started a new life.

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