Heartwarming moment school caretaker, 82, is released from hospital after beating coronavirus ‘like a teenager’ – The Sun

THIS is the heartwarming moment an 82-year-old school caretaker is released from hospital after beating coronavirus “like a teenager”.

Grandad Paddy Joe Lynch was pictured waving as he left Sligo University Hospital in Ireland on Wednesday after spending nearly two weeks in isolation.

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With 13 new virus deaths and 402 cases revealed, the heroic Co Roscommon OAP lifted the country’s spirits as he told the Irish Sun how he initially tried to fight off the virus with paracetamol and turf cutting.

He said: “I started to feel unwell on the Friday night before I went into Sligo University Hospital on Saturday the 21st of March.

“On that Saturday I didn’t want to give into it, so I took two paracetamol and went to the bog to bring home turf — against the advice of my family, I might add.

“I am so glad to be home but I am feeling tired, it’s a tiredness I have never experienced before and I feel very weak.

“I’m so thankful to everyone who supported me, my family and the hospital staff.”

His granddaughter Anne Tiernan said: “We are all delighted to have him home.”


Paddy Joe, who has underlying health conditions, praised the care he got in hospital.

He said: “I cannot thank the hospital staff enough. The care I received was simply outstanding. They not only gave me the medical care I required but they reassured and supported me throughout.

“I may have been in isolation but I never felt isolated because they were only the press of a bell away.

“They gave me the best advice that I would like to share, ‘Avoid watching the news as much as possible, especially when in self isolation’ — as this was just heightening my anxiety and fear.”

Paddy Joe is urging the public to take social distancing seriously and believes “we will all be back together soon”.

The active pensioner, who is isolating at home now, added: “I cannot highlight the importance of social distancing enough.

“I understand it’s difficult and I have first-hand experience of this but it’s the only thing that’s going to stop this virus in its tracks.

“I believe this will pass and in time we will all be back together — but staying apart now is the most important thing we can do for each other.”


Anne, one of seven grandchildren, said the family are “so proud of him”.

She also told us: “It was a lovely moment on Wednesday. He was sick for a few days at home and then he got bad. He was sweating, he had a high temperature, pain in his chest and he found it hard to breathe.

"We all thought it was angina, we never thought it was the coronavirus.”

She added: “They tested him and he came back positive. We were devastated when we got that news. We don’t know how he picked it up, the HSE are tracing it now but we don’t know yet.

“He does have a lot of things going on healthwise, that’s why we were extra worried when he went in but he pretty much fought it off like a teenager.

“We are all delighted to have him home and he’s delighted to be back in his own corner because he was stuck in a room for days and days.

“For an 82-year-old man, he’s a young 82. He’s a caretaker for the two local schools. He was a builder and a stone mason and he still drives.


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“We’re all very fond of him and we’re all so happy that he’s home.”

Eighty-two is the median age for Covid-19 deaths in Ireland so far.

Since March 27, everyone over 70 should be “cocooning”, which means staying at home at all times and avoiding face-to-face contact.

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