Gov. Cuomo working with CT, NJ governors on a post-coronavirus plan

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is teaming up with his opposite numbers in New Jersey and Connecticut to plan for an eventual return to normalcy once the worst of the coronavirus has passed.

“We’re working on a tri-state cooperative,” said Cuomo in an Albany press briefing of himself, Garden State Gov. Phil Murphy, and Nutmeg State Gov. Ned Lamont.

The trio last month collaborated on a pact to shut down non-essential businesses in their states to stem the spread of the disease, and will again work together on reigniting the engine when the time comes.

“We have to start planning restarting life. We’re not there yet,” he said. “But this is not a light switch that we can just flick one day, and everything goes back to normal.

“We’re gonna have to restart that economy, we’re gonna have to restart a lot of systems that we shut down abruptly.”

The three governors have discussed “a regional, metropolitan, tri-state approach to do just that,” Cuomo said.

But, Cuomo stressed, such steps can’t begin until a more comprehensive approach to testing has been hammered out.

The governor has voiced agreement with President Trump on the importance of returning to day-to-day life, while tempering expectations of just how quickly it can be accomplished and warning it cannot come at the expense of public safety.

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