Golden retriever tries to make friends with a cheeky rodent

Dog that just digs gophers! Fiona the golden retriever tries to make friends with a cheeky rodent

  • Golden retriever stares at the gopher at it emerges from the hole in the ground
  • The cheeky rodent looks at the gentle canine before sinking back into the soil   
  • Comical scenes were filmed in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California

This is the comical moment a dog attempts to strike a friendship with a curious gopher as it emerges from its hole in the ground.

The footage filmed in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California, shows the two-year-old golden retriever named Fiona stare at the burrowing rodent as it pokes its head from beneath the ground and looks back at its new admirer.

The gopher then sinks underneath the soil before emerging from the ground once more and looking at the gentle canine.  

The two-year-old golden retriever Fiona stares at the gopher as it emerges from its hole in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California

During the clip, which was shot on May 31 but has only just been shared now, the curious dog watches with fascination as the gopher emerges from its hole.

The rodent quickly sinks back into the ground before poking its head to the surface again and staring at the canine.

Fiona draws closer to the gopher and tries to sniff her new friend before the rodent again returns underneath the soil.

The playful rodent then emerges from the ground again and the pair stare at each other. 

After sharing the clip online, Fiona’s owner told Viral Hog: ‘Fiona is almost two-years-old and walks the streets and parks of San Francisco daily. 

‘Her favorite activity, on this day, back in May at Golden Gate Park, was making friends with gophers. 

‘In the end, they share special moments that show everyone can get along if they are just patient and kind. 

Fiona watches with curiosity as the gopher sinks into the ground (left) and then comes back to the surface once again (right)

Fiona tries to sniff her new friend as the rodent emerges from the ground and looks at the canine

‘It’s often hard to get her leave and since she’s such a big girl, so we spend quite a lot of time hanging out around the many gopher holes. Many have come to say ”hi” to the sweet lady Fiona.’

Following the comical antics, viewers took to social media to share their praise of the heartwarming clip.

One user wrote: ‘Such a sweet and gentle dog.’

While another added: ‘So so cute. Just love these dogs.’  

Social media users have since praised the heartwarming clip, with one claiming it ‘made their day’

Another commented: ‘Now that made my day.’ 

Gophers are fossorial rodents that are larger than mice but smaller than rats and typically grow between five to 14 inches.

They are commonly found across North America and Central America and will make their homes by burrowing holes into the ground. 

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