Ghislaine Maxwell was reported to FBI by teen beauty queen after ‘trawling gyms for half-naked girls'

GHISLAINE Maxwell was reported to the FBI by a former teenage beauty queen – after allegedly trawling gyms and shopping centres to recruit schoolgirls as masseuses.

Molly Skye Brown, 42, says she was picked out at 14 by the British socialite while working out at a kids’ gym in Palm Beach, Florida, close to paedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion.

Another one of Molly’s friends also complained that Maxwell used to regularly prowl around one of Florida’s largest shopping malls in Orlando.  

Former high school model and singer Molly, who once sang before a Miami Dolphins American football game, was allegedly spotted by the heiress in 1992.

Molly told The Sun: “Maxwell tried to recruit me.

“I was 14, I was starting to get more into modeling, acting, singing and pageants with the expectation of making some scholarship money or grant money to further my education.

“I was working at a gym in Palm Beach county in the childcare facility – they gave you a free membership if you worked there two to four hours at the weekend.

“I was on the elliptical machine working out, which is by the front window. I was half-naked, a young girl with an exercise outfit on, showing my body.

“I saw Maxwell walk by and she stopped. I was the only one in there.

“She looked me up and down, then came into the gym, walked to the front counter and I could hear her say: ‘I’m not going to be long, I just want to talk to this girl’.

“She walks towards me and hands me her business card. She introduced herself, said she was a modeling scout and asked: ‘Do I do any modeling?’

“I said I did. She said: ‘Well, you have the look, how I old are you?’ I told her my age and she said: ‘Oh my God, you look so much older, you could easily pass for 18’.”

Maxwell is said to have offered Molly glamorous work as a Victoria’s Secret model, but also working as a masseuse.

However, the teen, who was born with congenital hip dysplasia, which left her with a limp, knew she would not make it as a catwalk model and was not persuaded.


Molly said: “Maxwell painted a picture of international traveling, modeling, massages and opportunities with Victoria’s Secret. It was going in one ear and out the other.

“I’ve had reconstructive surgery, but my knees are dislocated, I limp, and I’ve already been told by professional agencies that I was never catwalk modeling material.

“I told Maxwell I really preferred acting, singing and musical theatre. She said: ‘Well, if you change your mind, I have a lot of modeling opportunities’.”

Molly added: “She was just a predator prowling the streets I have no doubt. I’ve now had others tell me that I’m exactly the type – I fit the bill perfectly.”

The teenager was later told that Maxwell used to prowl around the Altamonte Mall, in Orlando, handing out her card to girls.

She said: “Another girlfriend of mine told me that Ghislaine used to come up to scout up there – she’d be roaming the shops, handing out her card. It happened regularly.”

Molly, who is also a childhood rape victim, is speaking out in the hope of more sexual assault victims talking and inspiring a community between them.

The activist, who runs a successful podcast called ‘Let’s Be Frank’ and website dedicated to self-discovery, says she reported Maxwell to the FBI last year.

But she added: “They told me that I didn’t have a case.”

Maxwell is now locked up in a New York jail, facing child grooming charges linked to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring.

She is accused of recruiting girls for his sick operation and even taking part in alleged abuse.

Epstein killed himself last year in jail, before he could face trial.

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