Gannon Stauch murder home listed for rent – after police reveal ‘how boy’s brutal slaying left bedroom covered in blood’ – The Sun

THE Colorado home where Gannon Satuch was allegedly murdered by his stepmother is available to rent.

A local real estate agency listed the property on Friday, the same day court documents revealed that investigators believe Gannon was murdered in his bedroom.

That affidavit details how police believe Letecia Stauch bludgeoned, stabbed or shot her stepson, 11, in his bedroom back in January.

It is then believed that she put his body in a suitcase which she hid on the side of a road before eventually taking him to Florida.

Police were able to identify the likely scene of the murder because of the large amount of blood they found in Gannon’s bedroom.

The murder of Gannon did not stop the agency to up the price on the property,

It was being rented by Al Stauch for $1950 each month, but is now priced at $2050 per month.

“Gorgeous, like new home,” begins the listing.

It goes on to state that the home measures 2482 sq ft. with two bedrooms and two full bathrooms on the main level.

The kitchen meanwhile has gotten some serious upgrades including “stainless steel appliances , 42" upper cabinets , quartz countertops and a big island.”

Last but not least is the “LARGE FINISHED BASEMENT,” which the listing says “features specious recreation room, 2 more bedrooms and a full bathroom.”

It is in that finished basement that Letecia told police she was raped and Gannon was abducted according to an affidavit that was unsealed on Friday.

Letecia claimed that a man named Eguardo sexually assaulted her at gunpoint according to police, then took off with her 11-year-old stepson after he tried to stop the adult male from assaulting her.

In the affidavit obtained by The Sun, police note that on January 27 at 6:55 p.m., Letecia called 911 to report that Gannon had not returned after going to a friend’s house.

Gannon was listed as a runaway after his stepmother said she had seen him just a few hours previously and the boy often played with children in the neighborhood.

Police now believe that this call was placed a few hours after Letecia bludgeoned her stepson in his bedroom and then cleaned up the crime scene.

Two days later, Letecia had a much different story for authorities, this time involving a mystery man and details of sexual violence she had not mentioned in previous interviews.

On that day Letecia was interviewed at the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, arriving two hours after she was scheduled to meet with deputies according to the affidavit.

In that interview, Letecia claimed that the day before Gannon went missing she had met a Hispanic man named Eguardo while driving around the neighborhood.

He was working at a nearby construction site Letecia told authorities, and she asked him to help her take car of a rug that Gannon had allegedly ruined with candle wax.

Letecia next saw Eguardo the following day she told police, when she walked into her home and found him inside with a gun drawn.

Eguardo held her in the basement at gunpoint for a few minutes claimed Letecia, then let her go greet her stepdaughter when she came home from school.

She did not reveal why he let her leave the basement and go upstairs without following her, or why she didn't run for help or call 911 once she had broken free of the armed intruder.

When she returned, Eguardo "vaginally penetrated her against her will," said Letecia.

"During this period, she believed she that she had hit her head and may have blacked out," states the affidavit.

"Investigators noted no injuries on Letecia's head during their contact with her."

It was during this attack that Letecia claims Gannon "jumped on Eguardo's back and Eguardo was able to throw him Gannon off his back and across the room."

Eguardo then demanded Letecia give him a suitcase she said while "he had the gun held to Gannon."

Letecia told deputies she gave him a suitcase and a cardboard box, at which point she "attempted to sexually assault her again, but she hit her head and blacked out again."

Letecia then straightened up the scene of her rape and Gannon's abduction , waiting hours to notify authorities according to the affidavit.

At the end of her interview, Letecia told deputies she was feeling ill, but declined to have a rape kit conducted at the hospital.

Once at the hospital she snuck out of the facility according to the affidavit and was whisked away by an unknown person.

She was later seen meeting up with her daughter Harley.

Letecia has entered a plea of not guilty to four of the 13 counts with which she has been charged and is awaiting her indictment on the other nine.

She is being held without bond in a Colorado jail.

Gannon's father Al has filed for divorce.

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