Florida man who taunted cops is arrested for his wife's murder

Florida husband, 66, who challenged cops to ‘find the body’ as they searched for his missing newlywed wife, 45, is arrested after her remains are found buried in his back yard

  • Roberto Colon, 66, was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of murdering his wife 
  • Remains of 45-year-old Mary Stella Gomez-Mullet were found in his back yard
  • Police say pair married in January as part of a ‘quid pro quo’ that saw Mullet get citizenship in return for taking care of Colon’s mother  
  • Colon had taunted officers during questioning, urging them to ‘find the body’ 

A husband has been arrested after the remains of his newlywed wife were found in his back yard – and after he taunted officers, urging them to ‘find the body’.

Roberto Colon, 66, was arrested on Saturday in Florida on suspicion of murdering wife Mary Stella Gomez-Mullet, 45, who he wed back in January.

Police say the marriage was part of a ‘quid pro quo’ that saw Mullet get citizenship in return for looking after Colon’s elderly mother, who has dementia.

But the relationship quickly fell apart after Colon accused Mullet of stealing from him shortly before she went missing last month, investigators allege.

Roberto Colon, 66 (left), was arrested Saturday for the murder of wife Mary Stella Gomez-Mullet, 45 (right), after her body was found buried in his back yard

Mullet was first reported missing on February 20, two days after going to Colon’s house to try and resolve the financial argument, the Daily Beast reported.

A friend said that Mullet had gone to return items that Colon claimed she stole, and to cut off ties with him.

During the visit the friend received a call from Mullet, during which she shouted ‘no Roberto’ before the call cut off and the phone went dead.

The same day, police found Mullet’s bloodstained handbag located close to Colon’s home with items belonging to her inside. 

Police said Mullet (pictured) had married Colon in January in order to get citizenship, but their relationship quickly fell apart

Questioned for the first time by police, Colon said Mullet  had come to his house on February 18 but he had left to go to a doctor’s appointment, and when he came back she was gone.

At a follow-up interview two days later, police noticed blood markings on the front door of Colon’s home, as well as in his workshop.

When challenged, he said the blood on the door had come from a cut he got while working and the blood in the workshop came from a dog that had died in there several years ago.

During a search of his home two days after that, Colon had become aggressive – telling police to ‘find the body, find the body’ and describing his wife as ‘a piece of s*** b***.’

As the detectives were leaving he smirked and told them: ‘At least you didn’t find a body at my house.’ 

A source then told detectives that Colon had threatened to strangle Mullet and bury her in the backyard during an argument in January.

On Saturday, cops arrived to arrest Colon for possession of marijuana that they found during the previous sweep of his home.

When the checked the back yard, they found Mullet’s remains buried there and charged him with first degree murder.

As he was arrested, Colon allegedly told a friend: ‘There’s one thing they can’t do, they can’t put… Humpty Dumpty back together again.’ 

Police said they found blood on the door and in the workshop of Colon’s home (pictured) which he claimed came from a dog but later turned out to be human

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