Fight club: Unlicensed boxers slug it out again in Washington Square Park

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Letters to the Editor — June 21, 2021

Add the Pillage in the Village to the list of boxing lore, after another round of unlicensed bouts broke out in Washington Square Park Friday night.

The Post witnessed five matches near the triumphal arch of the Greenwich Village landmark, including one battle that lasted six rounds. Scores of people, maybe hundreds, witnessed the mayhem.

One park pugilist screamed in agony as another man, apparently one of the organizers, helped him reset what appeared to be a dislocated shoulder.

“I think it’s literally fight club,” one park neighbor lamented to The Post, after witnessing the boxing matches from his home for the first time earlier this month.

The fighters appear to be volunteer amateurs. Some boxed shirtless. All wore gloves, provided by organizers. The fights feature a time keeper and a referee.

The bouts took place on a night in which a man was arrested at Washington Square South for threatening two Parks Department employees.

Tayvon Turner, 28, of Brooklyn, was charged with two counts of menacing after police say he engaged in a verbal dispute with the park workers. Police say he picked up a wine bottle, “holding it in a threatening manner” toward a 50-year-old female, and then threatened to hit the other victim, a 47-year-old female, with a brick.

Turner was also charged with defacing Washington Square Park with graffiti earlier in the day.

The boxing matches are just one of several unlicensed or unlawful activities that have consumed Washington Square Park in recent months, including wide-spread crack and heroin use, making it the trophy green space the epicenter of the city’s descent into lawlessness.

Fireworks, illegal in New York City, light up the sky above the park most nights, including again Friday night.

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