Feminists and trans protesters with a banner saying face off

Masked pro-trans protesters ambush feminist ‘Let Women Speak’ rally in London and clash with police and rival activists

  • The Metropolitan Police have confirmed they made three arrests yesterday 

Two opposing crowds of gender activists clashed after masked trans activists carrying banners reading ‘arm trans kids’ descended on a women’s rights event hosted by Kellie-Jay Keen.

The ‘Let Women Speak’ event, held yesterday at London’s Hyde Park, has continually been a fractious one with demonstrators – and counter-demonstrators – arriving to voice their opposing views.   

Video from yesterday shows uniformed police restraining people at the scene of the protest after violence broke out, with officers later confirming they had made three arrests. 

Many trans rights activists were pictured carrying banners displaying slogans such as ‘trans joy will outlive you all’, ‘Cis d**** for trans rights’ and ‘Terfs off our turf, defending trans lives.’

The term terf refers to a trans exclusionary radical feminist, a slur commonly aimed at women with reservations about trans visibility in female spaces. 

Police arrest a man after violence broke out at a demonstration in Hyde Park yesterday

Some trans rights demonstrators were pictured holding banners reading ‘Arm trans kids’ 

Standing For Women founder: Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, also known as Posie Parker in Hyde Park yesterday

Demonstrators from the Let Women Speak event were also carrying colourful signs emblazoned with messages like ‘Lesbians don’t like d***’ and ‘Stop lying to children.’ 

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In videos from the scene, trans rights protesters can be seen massed in a large group facing the women’s rights demonstrators. 

They can be heard chanting: ‘Facist scum, off our streets.’ 

In another video Parker can be seen dancing as her fellow demonstrators call her a ‘legend.’  

Speaking following the event, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said: ‘Police are present and engaging with multiple protest groups at Hyde Park, and a proportionate policing plan is in place.’

MailOnline has approached the Metropolitan Police for an update on the situation. 

The events organised by Parker’s group in Hyde Park have frequently been targeted by trans groups – often resulting in clashes between the two sides. 

At the last event in April, police were forced to keep gender critical activists and pro-trans protesters apart from each other. 

Parker is leading a campaign for the word ‘woman’ to be defined as ‘adult, human, female’ in law, but has been met with protests from trans activists. 

Also known as Posie Parker, the mum-of-four who dresses in bright jumpsuits and sports a Marilyn Monroe-style hairdo, has built a following by claiming it’s impossible to change sex as she pushes to exclude trans women from female-only spaces. 

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