Drivers warned to disinfect their car door handles after CCTV shows man ‘licking hand’ and touching each one in street – The Sun

DRIVERS are being warned to disinfect their car door handles after CCTV appears to show a man licking his hand and then touching one.

In the footage, which emerged at the end of last week, a man can be seen in the walking along a road at night and moving his hand to his mouth.

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He then moves towards a car parked on a driveway and pulls on the handle but it's unclear if he's attempting to steal the vehicle.

A man narrating of the video says: "I'm bringing to your attention guys, there's people walking around in the middle of the night, walking into people's driveways and touching the door handles of cars.

"As you can see that guy there just gone into the neighbour's driveway, now coming into my driveway and now you can see him coming towards my driveway, touching his mouth, and then touching the door handle."

The video has widely circulated and those who have seen have it raised fears about the transmission of the coronavirus, though its exact time and location are unknown.

Droplets of the Covid-19 infection can live on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours, according to England’s chief medical office Professor Chris Witty.

After seeing the video, many people on Twitter urged others to clean their door handles as a precaution.

One, Steve Smith, urged people to “please clean your door handles” after watching the video.

Another repeated the warning saying: “Disinfect your car door handles before getting in your cars!”

Others said they would be taking up the advice.

“Disinfectant in spray bottles every morning on outside of doors and car doors is a must for me now,” said one woman.

“How has it come to this? Sick people!!  We think we are safe!?”

Professor Whitty’s says that: "Just touching it will not give you the virus: it is if you touch it and then touch your face, having not washed your hands between them.

"So, if you go on the Tube and touch the rail, that's fine, but just be aware of what you do with your hands.

"Don't touch your face, wash your hands and then you can do what you like."

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