Dr Hilary criticise government adviser Neil Ferguson breaking lockdown rules

DOCTOR Hilary Jones has hit out at Neil Ferguson for breaking the lockdown rules he imposed on the United Kingdom.

The government adviser allegedly met with his married lover, flouting social distancing regulations that are still in place.

Speaking to The Sun's executive editor Dan Wootton for the latest episode of Ask Dr Hilary: Coronavirus Explained, the top GP said: "You can't have people advising the public on what not to do and what to do, and then doing something completely different yourself, particularly when it is as drastic as asking the entire population to go into a self isolating lockdown.

"And so to do this for his own social gratification flies in the face of everything that we've been told and, of course it's galling.

"It's hypocritical. It's illogical. And it's sort of one rule for one and another rule for everybody else."

The epidemiologist was instrumental in mapping out the plans for social distancing after studying the spread of coronavirus.

Dan added: "It is the type of breathtaking hypocrisy that makes you understand why the public holds so many experts and politicians and other public figures in total disregard."

Hitting out at the adviser's "dodgy modelling" that saw the government impose a more draconian lockdown that originally touted, Dan continued: "As you can tell, I'm heated today. I'm angry about this and I think the British public are angry."

The scientist resigned from his government post on Tuesday and apologised for an "error of judgement" after his behaviour was revealed.

Dr Hilary said in The Sun's daily video series that he still backs lockdown as the right approach to save lives of thousands across Britain.

He added: "I think lockdown was actually a good idea. I think it's worked, and it's still working."

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