Discarded face masks are ruining nature, says Zac Goldsmith

Discarded face masks are ruining nature and should no longer be worn, says Zac Goldsmith 

  • Zac Goldsmith has called the continued wearing of face masks ‘catastrophic’
  • He said  the restrictions are ‘largely pointless’ and the masks are ‘nature-ruining’
  •  Official guidelines still suggest wearing a mask in crowded or enclosed places

Zac Goldsmith yesterday hit out at the ‘theatrics’ of wearing masks against Covid-19 – and branded the dumping of them as ‘catastrophic’.

The environment minister said discarded face coverings were harming nature and wildlife and should no longer be worn.

The peer tweeted: ‘More than 26,000 tons of the billions of plastic masks we’ve used have leaked into and are now choking life in the ocean.

That’s equal to 2,000 double-decker buses.

Zac Goldsmith said he is genuinely pained to see people complaining about mask wearing and other Covid rules being loosened as he believes the masks are ‘largely pointless’ and ‘nature-ruining’

Discarded face masks (pictured) have added more than 26,000 tons of plastic to the ocean, Lord Goldsmith tweeted

‘It is catastrophic and unforgivable. Covid theatrics are costing the Earth.

‘It genuinely pains me to see so many people – including committed environmentalists – bemoaning the loosening of restrictions on these largely pointless and entirely nature-ruining masks. Enough now. Please.’

Official government guidelines still suggest wearing a mask in crowded or enclosed places.

Lord Goldsmith has endorsed litter-picking drives including the Daily Mail’s Great British Spring Clean, which runs until April 10.

A study from the University of Portsmouth found mask litter increased by 9,000 per cent in the first seven months of the pandemic and could have led to further spread of the virus.

Readers who want to help stamp out the scourge of litter are urged to sign up at gbspringclean.org.

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